Doublelift Says GAM vs TES Was One Of the Coolest Games He’s Ever Seen

Crazy turnaround by GAM!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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GAM Esports vs Top Esports in the Group C matchup was an entertaining and thrilling one.
Doublelift went through a rollercoaster of emotions on stream while watching the match live with Sneaky and Meteos.

On 15th October, GAM Esports won the hearts of all League of Legends esports fans with its resilience and creative plays at Worlds 2022. In the Group C matchup against China’s second seed Top Esports (TES), GAM was labeled the underdog but the Vietnamese team rewrote the narrative by picking up a win in a 42-minute thriller. Unfortunately, both GAM Esports and Top Esports have been eliminated from Worlds 2022 after going 1-5, and 3-3 respectively. Former pro player Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng who was live commentating on the games with Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi and William "Meteos" Hartman erupted in happiness as he saw TES’ nexus go down.

GAM Esports leaves Doublelift speechless

GAM Esports matches Top Esports from the get-go with its jungle Karthus, who played a pivotal role in the win the team secured. Towards the end of the game, GAM started the Elder Dragon and to its dismay, Top Esports’ attack-damage carry (ADC) player Yu "JackeyLove" Wen-Bo stole the objective from under its nose while GAM still had smite.

Watching this play out live, Doublelift said, “Good luck stealing against Karthus and Kalista. Impossible! Wait. Wait, they got Elder.” Doublelift was clearly dumbfounded by the play and said, “Dude, Rogue must be malding out of their minds right now. What? GAM loses this. It is so crazy that they could lose that Elder flip.

As all three former pros were calling that it was the end of the game and GAM’s Worlds 2022 journey, the Vietnamese team relentlessly held onto its tattered base and took down all the members of Top Esports, except its jungler Graves. As GAM stood in its base with a one-hit away nexus, Doublelift screamed, “Wait, what? Oh my god. It’s counter-end. Just run it. Just try. It’s probably not, but just try [to end].” However, Sneaky and Meteos said it would be impossible for the team to end the game right there with TES members respawning.

As if GAM Esports heard Doublelift’s call, the team rushed straight into the Chinese team’s base and took down the nexus while fighting off TES members. “Oh my god, I called it. Just fu**** try. That was one of the coolest games I’ve ever seen. No joke. It was actually entertaining as f***.

In the post-game interview, GAM Esports jungler and captain Đỗ "Levi" Duy Khánh recalled the final few moments that lead to the victory and commended his teammate Trần "Kiaya" Duy Sang for holding the fort all by himself.

Group C was originally dubbed as a straightforward group with the only battle between Top Esports and DRX for the second spot in the quarterfinals. GAM Esports playing with its heart and soul made things entertaining and complex. The TES vs GAM match will go down as one of the best turnarounds in League of Legends esports history.

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