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Doublelift Discusses the Differences Between LEC and LCS on "Trash Talk"

Trash Talk is Doublelift's new podcast

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Doublelift’s first podcast “Trash Talk” featured C9’s head coach LS and LEC on-air talent Caedrel.
The first episode of Trash Talk discussed topics including NA’s solo queue environment and LS’ pocket picks in the LCS.
The podcast was livestreamed on Twitch and can also be spotted on Doublelift’s YouTube channel.

Legendary attack-damage carry (ADC) and former pro player Yiliang Peter "Doublelift" Peng recently released the first episode of his new podcast titled “Trash Talk.” The first episode of Trash Talk featured Cloud9’s League of Legends head coach Nick "LS" De Cesare and LEC’s broadcast talent Marc Robert "Caedrel" Lamont. Trash Talk was first livestreamed on Doublelift’s Twitch channel on 7th Feb.

The two-hour-long podcast delved into topics including the differences between the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) and League of Legends European Championship (LEC) teams, North America’s Champions Queue and LS’ pocket picks in LCS.

State of LCS games

The podcast got off to an interesting start when Caedrel and Doublelift lauded C9 for having entertaining games. When Caedrel said that the only LCS games he stayed up for were the C9 games, Doublelift was quick to agree and they were the only games he watched as well. He said, “Half the games in LCS are just terrible. Of course, I’m not going to watch.

When Trash Talk host Doublelift asked what the main difference in playstyles between EU (Europe) and NA (North America) was, Caedrel commented that EU was “a lot more top-heavy” and that the “bottom teams got weaker, and the top teams got stronger, and the middle of the pack is always just a fiesta.

He also added that as a spectator, only the top teams play and that “none of the bottom tier teams resonate” with him.

LS also shared an incident where C9’s ADC Kim "Berserker" Min-cheol said he hated NA’s Solo Queue during a team meeting. When Doublelift questioned if it was the NA’s ping or players, LS quickly retorted with “both.

Answering the question ‘Do you think it is funny that the Champions Queue’s prize pool is bigger than that of the LCS?’ Caedrel said he was unsure whether it would be the right move to debate on the prize pool but added that the idea of Champions Queue is motivating for players.

LS’ pocket picks


LS has made a niche for himself through his unique and unconventional picks and builds for champions and this was very evident from his first week as a coach for C9 in the LCS 2022 Spring Split. LS revealed that he played Ivern a lot in Korean scrims and picked the champion blindly into different matchups.

When Doublelift asked who came up with the Ivern pick in mid-lane, LS said, “A guy stole my role in Solo Queue one time and I was on an Ivern-kick and I just took him mid. When I played it, I thought ‘This didn’t feel too bad. Why are my autos slapping for 100 damage?” He added that he loved experimenting and then later picked Ivern in Korean scrims to test him out.

Talking about the Soraka pick in mid-lane, LS said, “A lot of people know this. Soraka has been on a lot of my tier lists for a while.” He opined that Soraka does not lose out on much even if the opponent is out-farming her in the lane. “Fudge (C9’s mid-laner) is so open to literally anything as long as I can prove it,” added LS.

LS, who was once a part of T1, also shared a funny anecdote with Doublelift and Caedrel about how T1 Faker reacted when he told him that Soraka was a strong pick. “At T1 we were having a VOD review and I told Faker that Soraka was broken and his eyes lit up and he smiled. He turned to Teddy (former T1 ADC) and said ‘I told you’.

Fans love Trash Talk

The League of Legends community overall seemed to like Doublelift’s new podcast, but there were criticisms towards his way of hosting. A YouTube comment read, “Once DL builds up his skills as a host, I can see this being a Z-tier podcast. Great first episode :D!

Addressing the community, Doublelift shared on Twitter, “Sry guys I'm definitely not good at hosting but I'm gonna get better with time. Who do you wanna see in future episodes?

Doublelift also clarified that Trash Talk was not going to be centered around the LCS, but would instead highlight current events, life stories, and the personalities of the guests. So, it is fair to expect League of Legends’ most celebrated personalities to appear on the show in the coming episodes.

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