[Update] Doublelift Leaks TSM's Threats of a Lawsuit

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The Washington Post article detailed some of the problems existing in TSM and Blitz including their work culture.
Doublelift made public comments on Reginald being a bully and verbally abusing employees at TSM and these led to investigations being undertaken by Riot Games and TSM.
Doublelift reacted to Reginald’s recent comment on Reddit and stated that Reginald reportedly threatened to sue him for disparagement.

Update: Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng has leaked the letter he received from TSM's lawyers on his Twitter handle. The letter indicates that TSM intended to pursue a lawsuit against the popular streamer for defaming the company on his livestreams. It indicated that TSM would seek for damages of $100K for each instance of a breach in his employment agreement, $200K for each breach in his release agreement, and the legal expenses of pursuing the lawsuit.

In November 2021, former pro player Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng described Team SoloMid (TSM) CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh as a “bully who gets away with being a bad person because he’s powerful” and alleged that Reginald harassed and abused people at the organization. In a series of tweets, he even stated that many TSM members reportedly “experienced public humiliation, mental breakdowns, crying at work” and added that people in power can get away with anything.

Shortly after Doublelift’s public statement on Reginald, Riot Games and TSM reportedly began two separate investigations into the bullying and verbal abuse allegations leveled against the TSM CEO, according to a report by Wired.

Reginald under investigation

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On 4th May, The Washington Post brought to light multiple TSM and Blitz employee (current and former) accounts where they were reportedly constantly scared of being fired and not wanting to go on one-on-one meetings with Reginald. The article also detailed an incident where the then newly recruited head of Human Resources (HR) was allegedly let go after the person “asked a question that Andy didn’t like.” Additionally, the article also detailed the reported misclassification of employees as contractors.

Reginald took to Reddit to provide clarity on the article and talked in detail about why he fired the HR head of TSM. Following this, Doublelift reacted to Reginald’s take on Reddit.

Doublelift on Reginald’s Reddit comment

After reading Reginald’s comment, Doublelift was visibly confused with the way it was formatted. Reginald said that he would do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) after the investigations are over. To this Doublelift said, “That’s the biggest cap in the whole world that he has nothing to hide.” He also pointed out that Reginald addressed only one of the many points that were put forth in the Washington Post article. He jokingly stated that Reginald was probably watching his stream and discussing with his legal team how to get him to stop talking about TSM.

Doublelift said, “I still have the letter of when he threatened to sue me for the first time. It’s so insanely crazy. I called him out for being a bully who silences the voices of his like ‘underlings’ and then he tries to threaten to sue me for disparaging his company and then I had to talk to my lawyers and ask them like ‘Is this sh** real? Am I getting sued for liquidated damages?”

To this, Doublelift’s lawyers reportedly told him that a person usually threatens to sue the other in an attempt to get them to shut up. Doublelift added, “All right, f*** it. I guess I’ll shut up about it, you know? I’m not gonna risk my entire livelihood and go through a f**** months-long court case because I already made my point, you know.

Doublelift pointed out how Reginald proved his (Doublelift’s) point by bullying him into not talking about the situation. When a Redditor asked why Reginald could not clarify his point through the article and instead chose to do it on Reddit, Doublelift reiterated that Reginald was not capable of communicating.

After the Washington Post article was published former employees of TSM have since posted their experiences of working with the company on social media platforms.

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