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David Beckham-owned Guild Esports Reports $5.93 Million in Losses

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Guild Esports reported a net loss of $5.93 Million USD but it is confident in its business model and expects 'substantial revenue' soon.
The organization is focused on its academy program and competitive esports.
It has also partnered with HyperX, Samsung, and other major global brands.

Guild Esports (GE) is a UK-based esports organization co-owned by David Beckham which reported $5.93 Million in losses according to their latest financial report. It is currently the first esports organization to be listed on the London Stock exchange. The financial loss was caused due to investments in teams, its Guild Academy training program, content creation, as well as corporate infrastructure. The company expects to generate significant revenue from the second half of 2021 through its partnership deals. Here is a closer look at Guild Esports’ recent investments into esports and how it plans to grow moving forward.

Despite losses, Guild Esports expects to generate ‘significant revenue’ in the second half of 2021

Guild Esports reported losses due to spending on its academy program, investments in esports teams and other organizational expenses. The organization is currently competing in FIFA, Rocket League, Valorant, and Fortnite which it has earned $410,000 USD so far. The organization has also partnered with Subway to cover over 50 EMEA markets for over two years. GE is also partnered with HyperX for a two-year gaming peripherals partnership.

The organization revealed in its financial report, “the launch of the Guild Academy in May 2021 has established a potentially major scalable revenue stream for Guild and will also foster a loyal fan base and source of new talent for the Company. The academy is the world's most comprehensive and innovative esports online training platform and embodies the holistic nature of our approach at Guild.”

Guild Esports’ Academy Program

Guild Esports wants to focus on its social media presence, academy program and partnerships. The academy program was launched back in May 2021. The new academy program offers an e-learning platform for $6 per month and it is free for the first month. It was modelled on existing Premier League academies and it was created based on inputs from David Beckham.

For the rest of 2021 and beyond, the Guild Academy intends to adopt the following:

  • Introduction of support for game titles: Valorant and FIFA.

  • Integration of Aim Lab, an innovative FPS aim training tool.

  • Expansion and localisation, providing native support for audiences throughout the world.

Guild Esports' Competitive Record

Despite the financial report indicating losses, the organization seeks to continue competing and it is confident in generating ‘substantial revenue’ moving forward.

  • In FIFA, GE’s Niklas is among the top ten players in Europe

  • The Fortnite roster is ranked number one in Europe

  • Fortnite: FNCS (Season 5) 1st place and 2nd place, FNCS (Season 6) 3rd place, FNCS All-Star Showdown 1st place

  • Rocket League: Spring Cup (Regional 3) 1st place, Spring Major 3rd/4th place, Winter Major 4th place

  • Valorant: Challengers (VCT 1) 3rd/4th place, Challengers (VCT 2) 3rd/4th place

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