Thorin to Help David Beckham’s Guild Esport Build a CS:GO Roster


Thorin to Help David Beckham’s Guild Esport Build a CS:GO Roster

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Thorin will help British esports organization Guild Esports assemble a CS:GO roster.
  • Thorin had dropped a hint about the same a few days back by mocking NiKo.
  • Guild Esports had entered VALORANT with a Swedish lineup just a few weeks back.

Weeks after entering VALORANT with a Swedish lineup Guild Esports is now looking to enter the competitive Counter-Strike scene as well. To help them out with the process they have entered a consulting partnership with British esports journalist and community veteran Duncan "Thorin" Shields who will be helping them assemble their inaugural CS:GO lineup.

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Thorin Enters Consulting Partnership With Guild Esports

The 37-year-old took to Twitter to announce this partnership between the two as he helps the British esports organization enter CS:GO with what seems to be a top-tier lineup. Via an official statement, he has gone ahead and said that “I will help them develop their model for building the team and advice on players and staff I think appropriate to aid them in establishing themselves as a significant force in this part of the industry and move towards accomplishing their ambitious goals.”

Thorin to Help David Beckham’s Guild Esport Build a CS:GO Roster
Official StatementFrom this statement, it seems as if Guild Esports is aiming to establish a top-tier lineup with big goals set for this team to achieve. A few days back Thorin had mocked Nikola "NiKo" Kovac for his bad timing and now we know why Thorin had said that!

There is no information right now as to which players might have been scouted by Guild Esports or Thorin as everything seems to be taking place behind the scenes. However, there are chances that we might see the Guild Esports lineup participate in the next season of Flashpoint!

Guild Esports already competes in Rocket League, FIFA, and most recently have even entered VALORANT after signing the Swedish lineup of Bonk. CS:GO will be the fourth esports title that the organization enters and it will not be easy to make their mark with the existing teams already going hard at each other.

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