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Dataminer Discovers Information About Apex Legends Season 11’s Legend “Maali”

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Apex Legends Season 11’s Legend “Maali” was discovered in the latest patch within the game files.
There are lines of code that indicate Maali may be getting some sort of damage boost in her kit.
The new legend is expected to release around 3rd November, 2021.

Apex Legends’ next legend has been leaked via datamined information. Apex Legends leaker Garret uploaded a video talking about the game’s next legend. With the latest Apex Legends Evolution patch, data miners have been able to find traces of code that offer more information about the game’s next legend. The patch contains the world “Maali” which could be the name of the upcoming legend. The next season is set to launch around 3nd November, 2021, and we might not only be getting a new legend but also a new map. Here is everything we know so far about Apex Legends’ leaked legend “Maali.”

Apex Legends’ Next Legend “Maali” Might Share Traits with Rampart

There is a line of code that says “maali_damage_boost”, which could be a part of the upcoming legend’s kit that boosts damage. Rampart has her Amped Cover, which allows players to shoot through them and get a damage boost.

A character model was also added to the game, but it looks similar to the Arenas announcer “Ash.” Titanfall 2 introduced Ash and she has been featured in multiple in-game events and cinematics. When Loba was added to the game, we joined forces and unknowingly restored Ash. The simulacrum went on to become the Arenas announcer and she is likely to have a bigger role to play in the game’s lore.

Garret revealed that Maali could just be a codename for the upcoming legend and they might have a completely different name at launch. We have received a string of high-mobility and recon characters, and it is likely that Respawn will add more defensive characters next to balance out the roster.

Respawn is yet to officially confirm the legend and we will receive more information over the coming weeks as the developers add more teasers into the game about the upcoming legend, leading up to the reveal cinematic.

The next season's map was also leaked recently, and it looks like we may be heading to "tropic island" next season, which should be located in Caustic and Crypto's hometown Gaea.

Apex Legends Maali release date

Season 10 is scheduled to end on 3rd November, and Season 11 should commence on the same day. Respawn Entertainment is yet to confirm any of the leaks but the studio will most likely share official information regarding the upcoming legend when we get closer to the end of Season 10.

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