CS 1.6 Easter Eggs Found in MIBR's New VCT 2024 Team Capsule

Staying true to its roots.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>CS 1.6 Easter Eggs Found In MIBR's New VCT 2024 Team Capsule</p></div>
CS 1.6 Easter Eggs Found In MIBR's New VCT 2024 Team Capsule


MIBR's new player card launched along with their VCT 2024 Team Capsule and it stands out from the rest due to its brilliant CS 1.4 references.
MIBR has also paid homage to its former CEO and Manager, Paulo "Pvell" Velloso, in its player card.
MIBR has cleverly put CS 1.6 references across both horizontal and vertical versions of the player card.

Riot Games released the highly anticipated Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2024 Team Capsules on 21st February which had the community celebrating. Yes, some team-based content did attract public outcry, but that is part and parcel of collaboration-based cosmetics.

Out of the 33 capsules that were released, the one designed by MIBR (Made in Brazil) has stood out as rather special, because the player card they created contains multiple Counter-Strike 1.6 references.

It is safe to say that the CS 1.6 easter eggs have not gone unnoticed and several community members have already spotted them.

MIBR is one of the most celebrated esports organizations from Brazil and it has a lot of history attached to it, especially when it comes to Counter-Strike. Maybe this is why they snuck in multiple references to CS 1.6 in their player card submission for the VCT 2024 Team Capsule.

The fans from Brazil were quick to take note of these easter eggs and have had plenty of discussions across social media about it.

Here is everything you need to know about what makes MIBR's capsule stand out from the rest.

All VCT 2024 Team Capsules consist of a team-based classic skin, team logo spray, team logo gun buddy, and a unique player card designed by each team.

MIBR took this opportunity and inserted multiple CS 1.6 easter eggs, the first one being the loading screen of the iconic first-person shooter. A silhouette of it can be seen on the computer screen present right in the middle of the player card.

A kid can be seen sitting on a plastic chair in front of an old computer, soda and snacks beside him on the table, all set to play what looks like CS 1.6.

VCT 2024 Team Capsule: MIBR Player Card

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In the horizontal version of the same player card, another solid reference to CS 1.6 was made by MIBR in the form of a poster that shows the year 2006, which is when the team defeated Fnatic to win ESWC 2006.

To all those who might not know, ESWC stands for Electronic Sports World Cup and was the equivalent of the modern-day Major, where teams used to represent their respective countries and compete on an international stage.

VCT 2024 Team Capsule: MIBR Player Card

Apart from the CS 1.6 references, MIBR has also paid homage to the Brazilian businessman Paulo Sergio Velloso, also known as Pvell, who was the first person to invest in the organization when it was originally founded more than two decades ago on 1st March 2003.

As per Pvell's profile on LinkedIn, he still seems to be associated with the current owners of MIBR, Immortals Gaming Club, in some capacity.

The fans of MIBR and the larger Brazilian community across Counter-Strike and Valorant seem to love the thought behind this player card designed by the organization.

It does outline a rags-to-riches story of an esports player, all the grind that they go through to reach the top. At the same time, it also highlights the story of MIBR, an organization that has gone through its fair share of ups and downs but is still massively respected in Brazil.

All the easter eggs add the perfect flavoring to make the story telling experience all the more richer and truly make this player card standout from the rest.

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