Valorant MK. VII Liberty Bundle: Skins, Items, Price, Release Date, More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Valorant MK. VII Liberty Bundle: Skins, Items, Price, Release Date, More</p></div>
Valorant MK. VII Liberty Bundle: Skins, Items, Price, Release Date, More


According to leaks, the next skin collection to be released in Valorant is MK. VII Liberty Bundle.
The collection will consist of four weapon skins, one new type of melee weapon, and a few other items.
A new melee weapon called combat knife might be released along with the MK. VII Liberty Bundle.

Valorant is always looking to release new skins and items for the players to enjoy. A lot of interesting bundles have been released since the start of Episode 8 Act 1 and the next one in line seems to be MK. VII Liberty.

Multiple leaks by reliable data miners suggest that a new military-themed Valorant bundle might be on the horizon and though no images have surfaced, the community has already labeled it as Recon 2.0 collection.

Here is everything we know about the upcoming MK. VII Liberty Valorant Bundle.

Valorant MK. VII Liberty Bundle: Complete Details

Community members are regularly treated to new cosmetics in Valorant in the form of individual skins, part of a purchasable bundle, or even through the seasonal battle pass. Somehow Riot Games always delivers when it comes to providing new cosmetics to attract the players.

It seems that the developers might be planning to release a new skinline that could be similar to the Recon Collection and everyone is hyped to get a first glimpse of the same.

MK. VII Liberty Bundle: Skins

According to early leaks, the weapon bundle will contain four weapon skins and a melee weapon which could be a combat knife. In addition to this, there will surely be a few additional decoratory items like player cards, sprays, and maybe even a gun buddy.

  • MK. VII Liberty Vandal

MK. VII Liberty Vandal
  • MK. VII Liberty Guardian

MK. VII Liberty Guardian
  • MK. VII Liberty Judge

MK. VII Liberty Judge
  • MK. VII Liberty Operator

MK. VII Liberty Operator
  • MK. VII Liberty Combat Knife

MK. VII Liberty Combat Knife

All the above-mentioned skins will include three variants - Desert, Tundra, and Sea, which would have color variations and maybe even some design pattern changes, along with an unlockable upgrade.

MK. VII Liberty Bundle: Price

The MK. VII Liberty bundle is the next collection to arrive in Valorant and is currently available in the market. It will be the last collection to be released as part of Episode 8 Act 1 and has been priced at 5100 VP.

This means that it will cost players about $51 USD to purchase the MK. VII Liberty bundle.

  • MK. VII Liberty Bundle: 5100 VP (Valorant Points)

  • MK. VII Liberty Melee (Combat Knife): 2550 VP

  • MK. VII Liberty Weapon Skins: 1275 VP

The leaks about MK. VII Liberty Bundle surfaced shortly after Valorant's PBE (Public Beta Environment) Patch 8.03 went live on 9th February 2023. More robust clues were released after Patch 8.03 was released on 21st February.

What got the community talking was the inclusion of the combat knife which seems to be a whole new type of melee weapon. Some suggest that it draws a close semblance to the M9 Bayonet from Counter-Strike 2.

If true, this melee weapon might have a unique style and animation, while also having the potential to drive the sales of the entire collection.

Valorant MK. VII Liberty Bundle Leaks

The collection might be released along with the next Valorant Patch, no official date has been revealed and this is pure speculation at this point in time.

Even the price of this collection is not set in stone but it could be less than 7100 VP which was the cost of the Recon Bundle, but then again it had way more to offer.

As of now this collection looks good but no official statement has been made till now, so do take all this information with a pinch of salt.

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