Cryocells Explains How Andrew Tate Blew up XSET Valorant's Chances of Joining G2 Esports

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G2 Esports CEO Carlos Rodriguez partying with Andrew Tate and initially defending himself might have had larger implications in the industry.
Following the controversy, Riot Games reportedly backed out from offering G2 Esports a slot in the VCT 2023 Americas franchising.
As a result, both G2 Esports and XSET have been left out in the cold.

The last couple of days have been a rollercoaster journey for the teams and organizations who applied for the Riot Games Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 franchising. Players have been announcing their free agency on social media platforms and teams have been releasing players from their contracts as well. Though there is no official transfer window, reports state that October will be the "off-season" month where all transfers will take place. One of the organizations that took a hit during the VCT 2023 franchising was G2 Esports and it has had repercussions on the North American squad of XSET.

How did XSET get affected by G2 Esports’ franchising outcome?

XSET is considered one of the best performing Valorant teams from North America (NA) this year. Notably, the team put up a formidable show in the recently concluded Valorant Champions 2022 and made it to the playoff bracket. Multiple XSET members have come forward explaining how G2 Esports owner Carlos Rodriguez’s actions and words cost them an opportunity to be a part of the top circuit in VCT 2023.

Last week, Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez Santiago came under fire for posting a video of himself partying with controversial figure Andrew Tate. He later doubled down on his partying stating that nobody could police his friendships and that he would party with whoever he wanted.

Andrew Tate has been widely discussed online because of his controversial personality as someone who makes sexist and misogynistic comments. He also has been investigated by the Romanian police for human trafficking and by the United Kingdom for abuse allegations against him.

Multiple reports stated that things were looking good for G2 Esports and the organization had applied for the VCT 2023 franchising in the Americas league. According to the Washington Post, G2 Esports also expressed strong interest in acquiring the XSET squad if the NA team did not make it into the Americas league.

Confirming this, XSET player Zachary “zekken” Patrone tweeted, “having to explain to my mom how Andrew Tate cost me a job is not where I thought I’d be a month ago.”

Likewise, XSET Matthew “Cryocells” Panganiban also talked about how Carlos Rogriguez cost XSET a spot in franchising on his recent stream. He said, “You know what’s funny, chat? G2 was supposed to pick up XSET like our entire team. In a way, Andrew Tate f**** over XSET Valorant. I just got f*** over by the top G.

After Riot Games’ announcement of the VCT 2023 franchising, XSET released a statement on Twitter thanking Riot for its consideration and for allowing the team to build a fanbase.

The statement added, “All of our players deserve to be playing in the franchised league and we will be supporting them throughout the process.” All five XSET players are available in the free agency currently.

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