Coach Leathergoods Responds to Jerem's WPE Investigation Complaints


Coach Leathergoods Responds to Jerem's WPE Investigation Complaints

John Dave Rossel
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Some fans were unsatisfied with Sibol's investigation regarding West Point Esports' (WPE) cheating allegations.
Jerem posted more screenshots as evidence of the WPE cheating during the Sibol Qualifiers.
Coach Leathergoods called out Jerem by saying only sharing screenshots may not be enough to prove anything and everyone should "stay professional."

Sibol recently dismissed allegations against West Point Esports (WPE), the League of Legends (LoL) PC representative for the 31st Southeast Asia (SEA) Games. The whistleblower, Jerem “Jerem” Malig shared his frustrations regarding the results. He followed up with a post explaining why Sibol’s investigation is “fallible” as it proceeded with the investigation without reaching out to him for evidence and further clarification. One of the Sibol national team’s head coaches, Ralph Andrei “Leathergoods” Llabres made a post calling out Jerem for his accusations and asking the fans to “stay professional” in the handling of this situation. The coach’s post was met with criticism from fans who were skeptical about Sibol’s investigation results.

Jerem explains why Sibol’s investigation was “fallible”

Sibol’s official verdict regarding the allegations against WPE was met with a lot of criticism from fans who were not convinced with the organization’s statements. Jerem, the pro player who brought forth these allegations also put forth his counterargument regarding Sibol’s investigation.

His first statement explained that the stream sniping incident happened during the Elder Dragon Series tournament and not the Sibol grand finals. “Your (1) argument is fallible because that argument (which is stream sniping) was brought up because of Waterboy having a screenshot of the private chat of my in-game client onstream. It was done in the event of Elder Dragon Series Tournament, not in SIBOL Grand Finals," said Jerem.

His second statement stated that the stream delay was about the Elder Dragon Series tournament and does not relate to the Sibol event as “we were talking about my team chat getting sniped here, not gathering info to get an advantage in-game.”

His third statement stated that “while argument (3) is true, it doesn't contribute anything to the fact that they had a picture of my team chat in the midst of Elder Dragon Series.”

Jerem ended his statement in disappointment, saying he would just give up at this point “because not only did you have the wrong context, but you also did not know that the 'alleged' stream sniping was done in my Facebook Stream during EDS [Elder Dragon Series] Qualifiers, not in your stream, his stream, nor others.”

Jerem's comment regarding Sibol's investigation.

Despite being disappointed, Jerem continued to post screenshots as evidence of WPE’s suspicious behavior. He recently made a post revealing conversations between WPE’s coach Vanus and team Skambalow’s manager Yin regarding setting up a watch party for the Sibol Grand Finals.

Coach Leathergoods under fire for calling out Jerem’s post about Sibol’s investigation

With the issue escalating even after Sibol’s final verdict, Coach Leathergoods made a post calling out Jerem that “using screenshots of official responses is really sus[picious].”

He ended his statement with “Stay professional folks!” which caused an uproar from the fans who were still unconvinced with Sibol’s verdict.

Comments from Coach Leathergoods' post.

Jerem also shared his thoughts about Coach Leathergoods’ post, calling him out by saying “imagine this, you want to judge a situation without knowing the full context. Yikes, red flag.”

Despite the complaints regarding WPE, it may be too late for Sibol to disqualify the team as they are already en route to compete in the 31st SEA Games.

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