West Point Esports Under Fire For Alleged Misconduct During Sibol Qualifiers


West Point Esports Under Fire For Alleged Misconduct During Sibol Qualifiers

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The Sibol National Team Representative for LoL PC, West Point Esports, received backlash from the community for allegedly gaining an unfair advantage during the Sibol qualifiers.
WPE was also reportedly participating in multiple tournaments through account sharing.
WPE was also accused of stream sniping and doxing a player.

The Sibol National Team Representative for League of Legends (LoL) PC, West Point Esports (WPE), is currently under fire due to alleged questionable actions in the esports scene. The team was allegedly found guilty of Account Sharing in community and collegiate tournaments to participate in multiple esports events as possible. WPE also received backlash from the community due to stream sniping a pro player’s POV (Point of View) livestream during a tournament and doxing the opposing player who trash talked in a team chat. WPE issued an official statement, apologizing for its unprofessional posts regarding the stream sniping incident. However, the esports organization is yet to issue an official statement regarding the allegations of account sharing which could have led to multiple wins.

West Point Esports Reportedly Doxxed a tournament participant

Through a now deleted post, WPE slammed a player named Devoured in one of the community tournaments for trash talking it’s Academy Team. Following this, one of Alpha Esports’ talents, Jerem, made a Facebook post calling out WPE for stream sniping.

According to Jerem, Devoured sent the message “wpe, who” through a team chat which he claimed WPE won’t know unless they were stream sniping. Jerem added that he doesn’t consider it as trash talking and merely just “patting yourself in the back by winning against a strong opponent.”

“Jesus, imagine going up into my online stream and sniping the private chats of my teammates just to prep a ballsy post when you win against them. Very petty for an organization who promotes 'No toxicity and tolerance'," Jerem stated.

The match eventually ended with WPE making a comeback and winning the match series.

Jerem added through a Twitter post that WPE went on to reveal Devoured’s personal information on Facebook, as the pro player once tried to apply to WPE’s Academy Team.

WPE issued an official statement, apologizing to the community for the unprofessional post.

WPE reportedly guilty of Account Sharing and Ghosting in esports tournaments

Jerem went on to reveal that some teams who have no organizations testified that WPE was participating in multiple tournaments through Account Sharing.

A member of the Cupcake Club stated that they reported WPE’s suspicious behaviour, leading to it being disqualified from one of the AcadArena Aces LoL PC events due to account sharing. Following this, the Cupcake Club member was allegedly being harassed by someone from WPE through messages.

Jerem’s Twitter post revealed that John “Waterboy” Raphael Dela Paz, the team owner of WPE’s Philippines and Singapore division, was the one who offered to disqualify themselves from the tournament after being found guilty of account sharing, stating it was a miscommunication issue.

Jerem continued by saying that WPE allegedly used a “Ghost” player to gain an unfair advantage. Through a livestream titled “Confession” an alleged insider from WPE blew the whistle and revealed that the team did bend the rules to increase their odds of winning the Sibol Qualifiers.

According to the Sibol Qualfiers competitive ruling, Only the main five pro players of the team are allowed to stay in the playing area (Discord Channel). Coaches are only allowed to stay during the drafting phase, afterwards, they will be asked to leave.

The insider explained that the team used a separate Discord server where the pro players and their coach can remain in contact even after the drafting phase has ended.

As the 31st SEA Games approaches, WPE continues to receive backlash from the community that wanted WPE to step down from representing the Philippines in the upcoming tournament.

WPE continues to receive backflash due to the allegations.

At the time of publishing this story, neither the Sibol Organization nor WPE have released an official statement regarding the matter.

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