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Capcom Confirms 2023 Release Window for Street Fighter 6

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Street Fighter 6 will release on PlayStation, Xbox and PC some time in 2023.
The game will have classic Street Fighter game modes as well as two new game modes for both single player and multiplayer.
The game will also add a social hub that will allow players to interact with each other and make friends.

It has been six years since the release of Street Fighter V and Capcom has finally confirmed the release of the next title in the much-loved fighting game franchise. In addition to the classic Street Fighter game modes, there will also be two new game modes that make it to the game. At Sony’s PlayStation State of Play event, Capcom said that it seeks to reimagine the fighting game genre with the upcoming title.

Jaime is the newest character in the Street Fighter franchise

After years of anticipation, fans finally got the first official glimpse of Street Fighter 6. Capcom just released a new trailer showing off Chun Li and a new character named Jaime. The game was first announced in February 2022 but we did not get to see much as it was just a teaser. With a release date finally available and some insight about what to expect from the franchise’s future, the community cannot wait to see how the game turns out at release.

The new Battle Hub caught everyone’s attention as it looks like it will serve as a social hub where players can battle each other or socialize. There was no real way to make friends and compete with other players on a regular basis using the in-game systems in the previous franchises. With a proper social hub, Street Fighter 6 could potentially help players find friends to battle and get better with.

The game will also focus on single-player content with its new World Tour, where players can traverse through Metro City and earn their way to fame while taking out the strongest NPCs in the game. There seem to be some open-world elements in the game but Capcom has not revealed too many details about the new game mode yet.

In the Fighting Grounds, fans finally got to see what Street Fighter’s combat will look like. The gameplay is very similar to what we have grown to expect over the years but Capcom is adding a bit of flair with flashy animations to make the new title stand out from its predecessors.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC (via Steam) next year. The game is making a return to Xbox after a hiatus during which the franchise was limited to PlayStation and PC only.

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