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Street Fighter LAN Events Return With Capcom Pro Tour 2022

Abhimannu Das
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Capcom Pro Tour 2022 will feature a mix of official offline events, online events and local events.
Players from Russia and Belarus have been excluded from the Pro Tour in light of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
The new Capcom Pro Tour 2022 circuit kicks off on 30th April with the North America West Online Premier.

Capcom just announced that it will finally return to LAN events with Pro Tour 2022 for Street Fighter. The upcoming event will feature online qualifiers but all main events will take place in a LAN environment. Street Fighter V received its “final” update ahead of the upcoming esports event, which has stirred the current meta. It will be interesting to see how the fighting game community (FGC) adapts to the drastic changes Capcom has implemented with the newest update.

Capcom Pro Tour 2022 Overview

Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) 2022 will be Capcom’s return to official pro events for the first time in two years. The upcoming event will be a hybrid Street Fighter circuit that will feature Online and Offline Premiers for qualification as well as a World Warrior event which will serve as the third and final means of qualification for the Capcom Cup.

There will be a total of 19 online regional premiers in 19 regions in 2022. Each event will be region-locked to ensure this year’s Capcom Cup has a diverse group of participants. The total prize pool of the 19 qualification events is set at $95,000 USD which will be distributed among the top four players in each event.

The FGC Majors will also take place which will be a part of the official Capcom Pro Tour circuit for 2022. All winners at FGC Majors will automatically gain their spots at Capcom Cup IX. However, due to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Capcom is excluding Russia and Belarus from the CPT 2022 lineup of Online Premiers until further notice. More details on the online and offline events will be available at a later date.

Finally, the World Warrior event will serve as a gateway to Capcom Cup IX via local events. Any eligible player in the world can participate in local events that are approved by Capcom for circuit points. A set number of players will be selected based on their circuit points for the world championships.

The new Capcom Pro Tour 2022 circuit kicks off on 30th April with the North America West Online Premier being the first event. If you want to check out the schedule and broadcast details of the event, you can head to the official Capcom Pro Tour website.

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