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Call of Duty Warzone x Attack on Titan: Fans Don’t Love Armored Titan Roland

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Call of Duty Warzone released a new bundle for an Attack on Titan crossover.
The highlights of the bundle are the Armored Titan skin for Roland Zeimet and Armored Titan gun skins.
Fans raised their frustrations of seeing naked men running around in Caldera with a gun

A brand new Attack on Titan cosmetic bundle was officially added to Call of Duty Warzone on 22nd Feb. The highlights of the bundle are the Armored Titan skin for Roland Zeimet and an Armored Titan gun cosmetic. Players have been donning the look of the Armored Titan on Caldera ever since.

Attack on Titan is easily one of the most popular anime franchises out there and it is no surprise that Activision was eager to bring the anime series over to Warzone and Vanguard. This is not the first time that Call of Duty has incorporated Attack on Titan elements in the game, though. The first shot at this crossover was a Captain Levi skin.

The Armored Titan bundle initially saw a lot of positive responses from the community when it hit the store. This bundle has been regarded as the better iteration of the Attack on Titan crossover in Call of Duty since the original Levi skin did not do so well in the game.

Previously Call of Duty fans have experienced surreal models in the game like in the case of the Krig 6’s dragon wings and the M16 having an alien on it. But players feel like the Armored Titans running around Caldera is a tad too much.

Fans are not happy with the Armored Titan model

Armored Titan skin

Although the Call of Duty community has been very receptive to past collaborations with pop culture references in the game. The community had mixed reactions to this Attack on Titan model in the game. Many players voiced their frustrations with seeing naked Operators on Caldera.

Reddit user DefunctHunk_COD posted a thread titled “my lobbies are filled with naked men.” Another user commented, “Most ridiculous skin so far. Doesn't even look good.

Some people pointed out that it was just a “money grab” scheme to get people to buy these unrealistic and crazy skins. Meanwhile, some of the users in the thread compared Call of Duty to Fortnite, as one of them said, “It's Fortnite quality. I thought CoD was above this.Another user hoped that the franchise would get back to a realistic style shooter and quit trying to copy Fortnite.

In response to this, another user pointed out how the Call of Duty franchise has always had different and slightly out-of-place cosmetics. They wrote, “ ‘Copy Fortnite’ advanced warfare had literal astronaut and easterbunny type cosmetics, just a few examples out of the hundreds of “FoRtNiTe CoSMeTiCs” that were featured in that cod game that got released 3 years before Fortnite’s initial BR. Explain to me how cod has ever been a realistic style shooter, the biggest ARCADE SHOOTER franchise. We have had zombies, jetpacks, perks, mini maps with red dots, super speed stims, quickscoping, bunny hopping, dropshotting. What a realistic mil shooter we have always had!!!”

Amidst all the discussion about unrealistic skins and cosmetics, fans can potentially expect to see even bigger crossovers very soon. Earlier in February, some Call of Duty leaks suggested that popular rapper Snoop Dogg might be arriving in Warzone and Vanguard Season 2 as a playable Operator. Likewise, there were also leaks about King Kong and Godzilla arriving on Caldera.

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