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Call of Duty Warzone: All You Need to Know About Armored Transport Trucks

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Armored Transport Trucks are a new addition to Call of Duty Warzone and destroying them will drop hefty rewards for players.
Destroying a truck will potentially earn the players a Nebula V bomb.
These heavy armored trucks can be easily spotted on the map and are driven by non-player characters (NPCs).

Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Season 2 has brought in new features for the players to experience. One such feature is the new and limited-time event Search and Deploy. This game mode brings in a plethora of mechanics for players to test and try.

Armored Transport Trucks have arrived in Warzone, making the battlefield even riskier to explore alongside the Nebula V ammunition and bombs, and the Portable Decontamination Stations that are in play in the Search and Deploy gameplay.

What are the Armored Transport Trucks in Warzone?

The Armored Transport Trucks are vehicles that will be driven by non-player characters (NPCs) and players can destroy them to get their hands on rare loot.

Armored Transport Trucks

Armored Transport Trucks

Armored Transport Trucks are here in paradise, as the Axis deployed multiple vehicles to carry Nebula V and its derivatives around Caldera,” explained a blogpost. It added, “Upon destruction, the Armored Transport Trucks will drop incredibly valuable items, including — in the rarest cases — an intact Nebula V Bomb.

According to the developers, these unstoppable “steel behemoths” remotely roll on a set looping path and will attack those within its immediate vicinity using two machine-gun turrets. These Armored Transport Trucks also drop mines on their trails and players need to be careful and avoid them. Additionally, these trucks also call for aerial support when they drop to low health.

Where to spot the Armored Transport Trucks?

Finding the Armored Transport Trucks is relatively simple as players can look for the slow-moving red marker on the tac map. Due to the weight that the trucks are carrying, they move slowly and are easy to catch up to. They also move only on a set rotational path until they are destroyed. So even if players move past them, they can catch the trucks on their second rotation.

According to an MSN article, the Armored Transport Trucks can spawn in the following locations on the Pacific Caldera map:

  • Beachhead

  • Lagoon

  • Capital

  • Mines

  • Resort

  • Fields

  • Docks

How to destroy the Armored Transport Trucks?

Destroying these heavy vehicles may look very daunting at first and it can be even more difficult if the players are taking fire from an opposing squad. It is better to challenge these trucks as a squad as it requires a handful of explosives to crack their defenses. While bullets will be effective against the truck, players can use a Rocket Launcher, C4, or a Thermite for faster and better results. It is advisable to equip normal weapons with armor-piercing rounds. Players can take them down in two ways - on foot using high-powered weaponry, or by hopping onto another vehicle.

Some examples of strong weapons include:

  • M1 Bazooka

  • Rocket Launcher

  • Panzerschreck

  • Anti-Tank Rifle

Players will be rewarded with loads of cash, killstreaks, and potentially the Nebula V bomb once an Armored Truck is destroyed successfully.

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