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C9 White Annie Steps Down From Competitive Valorant

Pro player Bob will be replacing her in Cloud9 White.

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Cloud9 White Valorant pro player Annie announced that she would be stepping down from competitive Valorant.
She was a crucial part of the C9 White team that dominated the VCT NA Game Changers circuit.
Annie will transition into a streamer for Cloud9 and will be replaced by Bob in Cloud9 White.

Cloud9 (C9) White Valorant pro Annie “Annie” Roberts announced that she would be stepping down from the C9 White competitive roster and moving to content creation. She will be replaced by Bob “Bob” Tran, stated the organization.

During her time with the team, Annie had massive success in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) North American (NA) Game Changers tournaments. Alongside her, Cloud9 White won four Game Changers tournaments in 2021 and 2022. Annie was initially a part of the MAJK roster which was later signed by Cloud9.

Annie posts a Twitlonger

Annie took to Twitter on 15th June to post a detailed Twitlonger about why she was stepping down from the competitive scene.

She said, “To keep things short, the reason I’m leaving is: I am not as happy competing and haven’t been in a bit. People meme about playing video games for a job, but it’s incredibly demanding and at times can be quite gruesome.

The pro player stated that working 70+ hours a week was taking a toll on her mental health and that she got sick of playing. “I was plateauing as a player and not making any improvements which just made me feel worse and added further mental deterioration,” she added.

Annie also stated that she fully believed in C9 White and acknowledged that the team impacted the way people looked at women in gaming. She gave a shoutout to her teammates and C9 White’s staff members in her post.

Super blessed to have my cracked teammates: Mel, Lexi, Jazzy, Kat, I’ll miss y’all a ton and I’ll be screaming your names when you pop off just like old times. Also shoutout to the staff, Moon, Noukky, Lindsey were incredibly kind to me and it feels good knowing C9 White is in good hands.”

Annie’s future plans

Annie clarified that she would be streaming under the C9 banner and that she would play variety games and create entertaining content while improving her physical and mental health. “I want to make high production youtube videos and films one day, psychedelic music, collaborative content, I’m currently designing clothing and merchandise that I’m releasing soon, lots of things to keep me busy for a couple of years at least,” she confirmed.

As far as Valorant is concerned, Annie said that she wants to be involved in the esports scene of the game but as a spectator rather than a competitor.

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