Buzz Talks About Talon's Triple Duelist Setup On Split


BuZz Talks About Talon's Triple Duelist Strategy in VCT 2023 Pacific League

How aggressive should a lineup be? Yes.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During the post-match interview, BuZz spoke about Talon's triple duelist strategy on Split.
BuZz revealed that they did not underestimate Talon's agent composition and were actually shocked by their picks.
The three duelists picked by Talon Esports were Jett by Sushiboys, Yoru by foxz, and Raze by JitBoyS.

DRX won its third consecutive match of the Valorant Challengers Tour (VCT) 2023: Pacific League by a 2-0 scoreline. This time it was Talon Esports on the receiving end, managing to win just 13 rounds in total across the two maps.

During the scrum interview session after the match, Byung-chul "BuZz" Yu presented his opinion about the triple duelist strategy adopted by Talon Esports during the first map of the series, Split.

Talon playing as attackers on the map wanted to punish DRX hard with its super aggressive agent composition. Unfortunately, Talon was handed an embarrassing 3-13 loss, showing how well the Korean lineup is able to adapt to different circumstances.

VCT 2023 Pacific League: BuZz breaks down the triple duelist strategy used by Talon against DRX on Split

Hailed as the best Valorant team from the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, DRX is doing its best to cement the fact and the team has not dropped a single map till now in the regular season.

DRX handed back-to-back sweeps to ZETA DIVISION, Global Esports, and Talon Esports, and is now all set to take on Paper Rex this weekend, who will give it their all to knock down the kings.

During a recent interview, BuZz acknowledged the triple duelist setup used by Talon Esports and revealed that they were actually shocked by the agents that were selected - Jett by Panyawat "Sushiboys" Subsiriroj, Yoru by Itthirit "foxz" Ngamsaard, and Raze by Jittana "JitBoyS" Nokngam.

"To be honest we weren't understating those picks, we were shocked by those picks," said BuZz, "But we spoke among ourselves and told each other that we can't let them snowball with this hyper-aggressive composition. Also, I think our teamwork kind off like prevailed today here."

It was a risky strategy adopted by Talon Esports against the most strategically sound Valorant team in the league and things did not go well for them at all. DRX shut them down with their impregnable defense and then made short work of them on the attack.

Talon tried to put up a brave face on the second map Pearl but DRX was able to hold them to a 13-10 scoreline, walking away with yet another 2-0 victory.

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