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Bren Esports Defeats Paper Rex to Win VCT Challengers SEA

Abhimannu Das
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Philippines’ Bren Esports secured a spot at the Valorant Masters Berlin event with a 3-0 victory over Paper Rex.
Paper Rex also qualified and will be representing Southeast Asia along with Bren at the upcoming LAN event.
Bren Esports won $25,000 USD in prize money while Paper Rex will be taking home $10,000 USD.

Bren Esports from the Philippines took home a spot at the Valorant Masters Berlin along with $25,000 USD in prize money. Singapore team Paper Rex will also be heading to Berlin following their 2nd place finish at the event. With Bren Esports’ victory, 15 out of 16 teams have been finalized for the upcoming LAN event in Berlin. The Challengers event in in the LATAM region is yet to conclude, which will determine the last team who will be competing in the upcoming LAN event. Bren Esports will be going head-to-head against the likes of Sentinels and 100 Thieves next month as they prepare themselves for a shot at becoming the Stage 3 Champions.

Bren Esports vs Paper Rex recap

VCT Challengers 3 – SEA saw Bren Esports getting knocked out at the upper bracket finals by Paper Rex earlier in the event, but the Filipino team managed to win its match against Alter Ego in the lower bracket final and secure a rematch against Paper Rex. The team managed to secure a comfortable 3-0 victory, setting themselves up for success at the highest tier of competition at Valorant Masters Berlin.

In the first match on Bind, Paper Rex managed to apply pressure and force the match into overtime with a 12-12 scoreline, but Bren Esports came through with solid plays and ended the match 16-14. The second match on Split was also closely fought with Bren Esports securing yet another win with a hard fought 14-12 victory.

Icebox is where Bren completely dominated the match and ended the best-of-five series with a clean 3-0 victory. The match ended 13-6, giving Bren the victory and a spot at the Valorant Masters Berlin. If Bren Esports performs well at the upcoming Valorant Masters event, the team will be earning a spot at Valorant Champions and have a shot at becoming the first-ever VCT world champions.

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