Bleed Esports Signs Nephh From X10 Esports, Moves JayH to Inactive Roster

Shuffle right after a win? Now, that is interesting!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Bleed Esports Signs Nephh And Benches JayH</p></div>
Bleed Esports Signs Nephh And Benches JayH


Bleed Esports has undergone a roster shuffle just a few days after winning VCL 2023: MY & SG Split 1 and qualifying for Split 2.
Bleed has acquired Nephh from X10 Esports while moving JayH from its active Valorant roster.
Nephh will be part of Bleed's playing five while JayH will standby as a substitute player concentrating on his school and studies.

One of the top esports organizations from Southeast Asia, Bleed Esports, recently won the VALORANT Challengers League (VCL) 2023: Malaysia & Singapore Split 1 following a grand final clash against X10 Esports.

This victory has resulted in Bleed walking away with $8,837 USD in prize money while also qualifying for the VCL 2023: MY & SG Split 2, scheduled to take place from 28th March to 3rd June.

Despite the positive results, Bleed has decided to undergo a roster shuffle by signing the 19-year-old Singaporean talent, Marcus "Nephh" Tan, over from X10 Esports and simultaneously moving Wong "JayH" Jia Heng from its active lineup to a substitute position.

Talking about his move from X10, who also managed to qualify for Split 2, Nephh in a statement to AFK Gaming said "The main reason for my decision to join Bleed is because I believe there is a higher chance of me being able to qualify for Ascension with Bleed instead of X10."

Nephh further explained that X10 is a part-time team whereas Bleed plays full-time, "Since I have graduated, I want to try playing full-time as well. IMO (in my opinion), Bleed's roster is also stronger than X10's roster that I was playing with, though there were good players in it as well. No hate to X10 at all, the management and the owner were very nice to all of us and I thank them for supporting my decision of going over to Bleed."

Bleed Esports undergoes roster shuffle by signing Nephh and moving JayH from its active Valorant lineup

The regional Valorant scene across the Asia Pacific region is heating up with teams fighting hard to qualify for the VCT 2023: Pacific Ascension. In the Malaysia and Singapore regions which have been grouped together for VCL 2023, Bleed Esports has come through as the top contender by winning Split 1.

Right after the win Bleed has undergone a roster shuffle for Split 2 instead of sticking with the same lineup. The organization has signed a young player from Singapore, Nephh, who has previously played with teams like X10 Esports, LaZe, and Gaimin Gladiators.

Interestingly, Bleed and X10 faced each other multiple times during the VCL 2023: MY & SG Split 1, including the grand finals where Bleed handed X10 a clean '3-0' defeat.

This means that the organization has a good understanding of how Nephh plays and has made space for him in its active roster by benching JayH, who will be stepping away from the team's playing five for the second time in the last five months.

Bleed Esports moves JayH to inactive roster

JayH had initially joined Bleed in October 2022 but departed the team after one month, only to join them again after a few weeks. Since then he has been a mainstay in the team's active lineup but with the organization qualifying for Split 2 and the player going through an important year in school, some changes needed to take place.

In a conversation with AFK Gaming, Mika “mikachuuu” Nah - Valorant Manager for Bleed Esports, explained that JayH was given the option to explore other teams but still chose to stay with the organization.

"JayH played a pivotal role in our success and we are very grateful. It was a tough decision to bench him but it was made to prevent further conflicts with our scheduling. We are not ruling out his return once he has completed his studies and is able to commit to being a full-time player," added Mikachuuu.

Over on Twitter, JayH simply responded to Bleed's announcement by saying that the addition of Nephh was a great upgrade and that he hopes to see them win VCT Pacific Ascension.

Nephh also showed gratitude towards Bleed for thinking so highly of him and giving him a chance to further prove his skills, "I would also like to thank the people who have been supporting me and hope to meet everyone's expectations."

The complete Bleed Esports Valorant lineup is as follows,

  1. Derrick "Deryeon" Yee

  2. Ngô "crazyguy" Công Anh - IGL

  3. Tyler "juicy" James

  4. Natchaphon "sScary" Matarat

  5. Marcus "Nephh" Tan

  6. Wong "JayH" Jia Heng - Substitute

  7. Nikola "LEGIJA" Ninić - Head Coach

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