BIllie Eilish Copypasta about famous games has taken the internet and social media by storm


Billie Eilish Copypasta on Apex Legends Explained

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Social media has been recently flooded with Billie Eilish copypastas.
The copypasta highlights a champion that players find completely unbalanced in the game that they are playing.

If you are a regular on Twitch streams then you must have spotted a chunk of text flying by in the chat box. It is usually a wall of text that is basically repeatedly copied and pasted onto social media and internet forum posts. The latest copypasta that has taken the gaming world by storm is one about Billie Eilish, where she complains about games. The latest variant of the Billie Eilish copypasta is about Apex Legends and social media is in splits over it. It is fair to say that this copypasta has taken the gaming communities by storm and everybody is using this to complain about their favorite game.

What is the Billie Eilish copypasta?

The Billie Eilish copypasta is of the essence that the singer is complaining about a champion in a particular game in an interview with American Vogue, the famous lifestyle and fashion magazine. The Apex Legends version of the Billie Eilish copypasta reads:

Billie Eilish, singer, reveals in a recent interview with Vogue America that lately she’s been frustrated with Apex Legends. “There’s an unfair legend in the game called Seer right now that Respawn won’t seem to do anything about. He takes skill completely out of the game.”

The copypasta mocks Apex Legends’ Seer who has taken over both pro play and pubs with players prioritizing him over other legends. In the recently concluded Apex Legends Global Series’ (ALGS) championship 2022, Seer was a predominant pick. In the past, Team SoloMid’s Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen also pointed out how Seer is better than Bloodhound.

As a recon legend, Seer offers tremendous value to his teammates and can be quite frustrating in the end game with him sensing your location every few minutes.

Funnily, when using the copypasta on social media like Twitter, users are posting the same photo of Eilish from her “Happier Than Ever” album along with the champion they are mocking.

Other Billie Eilish copypastas

The Billie Eilish copypasta also has many variations and changes from one game title to the other. Another famous one takes a jab at League of Legends and its notorious feline champion Yuumi. This Billie Eilish copypasta reads:

Billie Eilish, singer, reveals in a recent interview with Vogue America that lately she’s been frustrated with League of Legends. ”There’s an unfair Champion in the game called Yuumi right now that Riot won’t seem to do anything about. It takes skill completely out of the game.”

If you are looking to recreate your own version of the copypasta make sure to include the champion you feel is making the game unfair and mention the publisher’s name. Naturally, the rest of the text remains the same, making it a classic copypasta.

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