Bihar State Esports Open Championship: Titles, Dates, Registration Details, More


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Bihar State Esports Open Championship: Titles, Dates, Registration Details, More

Are you participating in this state level tournament?

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Bihar State Sports Authority has announced the first-ever Bihar State Esports Open Championship which is going to be a multi-title competition.
This state-level esports tournament is scheduled to take place for three weeks from 7th to 28th December.
The event is going to feature four games, including three esports titles and eChess, registrations for which are already live.

The state department of Bihar which looks after sports and related affairs, Bihar State Sports Authority (BSSA), announced the Bihar State Esports Open Championship on 5th December whose Grand Finals are going to take place at the Patliputra Sports Complex, Kankarbagh, Patna.

After initially disclosing basic information, further details were released by the BSSA yesterday on 7th December including the titles that will feature in this event, how interested players can register themselves for the tournament, and other such things.

Read on to learn everything about the state-level esports tournament, Bihar State Esports Open Championship.

Bihar State Esports Open Championship: Complete Details

The multi-title esports tournament will be the first of its kind to take place in Bihar for three weeks from 7th to 28th December with the Grand Finals set to take place on LAN at the Patliputra Sports Complex located in Kankarbagh, Patna, Bihar.

It will start with the registration phase which will take place from 7th to 14th December, followed by the online phase lasting from 16th to 22nd December, and then the grand finals taking place on 28th December.

Bihar State Esports Open Championship: Esports Titles

There are going to be a total of three esports titles that will be featured in this state-level tournament along with Chess.

  1. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

  2. FIFA 23

  3. Real Cricket 24

  4. eChess (

The registration dates and overall event schedule for all four titles are the same with no changes announced by the official body - Bihar State Sports Authority.

However, certain player requirements vary between each title which have been mentioned below in further detail.

Bihar State Esports Open Championship: Titles Revealed

How to Register for Bihar State Esports Open Championship?

The registration for the first-ever official state-level esports tournament being hosted in Bihar has commenced and eligible candidates will be able to enroll themselves from 7th to 14th December 2023.

As per the official requirements listed by the Bihar State Sports Authority, there are two factors to keep in mind, whether the person is a resident of Bihar and minimum age factor.

Registration Eligibility Criteria

  • Residents of Bihar having valid Residence Proof can register.

  • Students studying in Bihar having valid Student Identification Cards can register.

The above is common and applicable to all four titles including BGMI, FIFA 23, Real Cricket 24, and eChess.

Minimum Age Eligibility Criteria

  • BGMI: The minimum age of a player at the time of registration should be 16 years.

  • FIFA 23: The minimum age of a player at the time of registration should be 13 years.

  • Real Cricket 24: The minimum age of a player at the time of registration should be 12 years.

  • eChess: The minimum age of a player at the time of registration should be 12 years.

The above-mentioned minimum age eligibility verification will be conducted as per valid government identification card.

Registration Links

BGMI [Register by clicking the link]

FIFA 23 [Register by clicking the link]

Real Cricket 24 [Register by clicking the link]

eChess [Register by clicking the link]

This is a great initiative by the BSSA and follows in the footsteps of similar initiatives taken by other government bodies from across the country in the recent past.

  • Meghalaya Tourism partnering with Mutation Esports to host a gaming festival called Odyssey 2023, featuring a COD Mobile tournament with international teams.

  • The Uttar Pradesh Government providing a major push to esports as part of its new sports policy while also signing an MoU with Garena to host international tournaments.

  • Madhya Pradesh government has established an esports academy and also organized a State Junior Esports Championship featuring BGMI as the competing title.

It will be interesting to see how this state-level esports tournament pans out for gamers and aspiring athletes from Bihar. We will provide you with all the latest information regarding this event as when more details are obtained.

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