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Biggest Esports Channels on Twitch in 2022

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League of Legends and CS:GO dominated 2022 in terms of esports viewership.
Twitch streamer Gaules had more total viewership than any single channel run by publishers or tournament organizers.
The most viewed esports match of 2022 was the League of Legends world championship grand final.

2022 was the year when LAN events returned to the forefront. CS:GO and League of Legends are the two biggest titles of 2022 and it does not look like any other game will take either of the top two spots anytime soon. While we had esports titles like Rocket League and Apex Legends earn a sizeable viewership this year, the established titles in the industry have sunk their claws into the viewership pie chart and they will not budge. Here are the biggest esports channels on Twitch in 2022.

Gaules is the king of esports content on Twitch

According to Esports Charts, Gaules has the highest watchtime in 2022 and he earned more total viewership than any tournament organizer or publisher on Twitch on a single channel. The Brazilian streamer has over 103 Million hours of watch time this year and he has streamed nearly every single CS:GO event in 2022. He has 27% more viewership than ESL CS:GO which clocked over 81.5 Million hours.

Here are the top five channels in terms of total viewership: 

  • Gaules - 103.7 Million Hours 

  • ESL CS:GO - 81.5 Million Hours

  • LCK Korea: 63.5 Million Hours

  • Riot Games: 55.45 Million Hours

  • Otplol: 48.82 Million Hours

Escharts 2022 Viewership

Riot Games breaks records once again 

The official Riot Games account has the highest concurrent viewership this year with over 990,000 peak concurrent viewers during the League of Legends World Championship Grand Final between DRX and T1. The match has the sixth-highest concurrent viewership across any streams on Twitch, including non-esports streams.

Gaules peaked at over 700,000 concurrent viewers, which is the highest viewership he has ever received. He has a commanding presence on Twitch and the streamer has successfully tapped into the Brazilian audience which has over 12.6 Million esports fans according to estimates.

Here are the top five channels in terms of peak concurrent viewership: 

  • Riot Games - 990.201 Viewers

  • Gaules - 707,648 Viewers

  • LCK_Korea - 692,626 Viewers

  • PGL - 640,941 Viewers

  • ESL CS:GO - 550,154 Viewers

Dota 2 and Valorant are the only games that broke into the top 10 which is largely dominated by League of Legends and CS:GO.

Note: All data was collected from Esports Charts. The stats in the coverage reflect data collected from 1st January 2022 to 19th December 2022.

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