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Riot Mobile Introduces Streaming Feature For Its Games

Abhimannu Das
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The app now features creators from Riot Games' Partner Program as well as an automated selection of streamers.
The app currently supports Twitch but more streaming services will be added in the future.
The News section will also be updated with regular content around Riot Games titles.

Riot Games released its ‘Riot Mobile’ app last year which replaced League+. Unlike its predecessor, the new app is a companion for not just League of Legends, but also Valorant, Team Fight Tactics, Wild Rift, and Legends of Runeterra. A new feature has been introduced that allows fans to tune into streams of their favorite content creators on the app. Riot Games currently features Twitch streams but it plans on expanding to other platforms soon.

How the new streaming feature works in Riot Mobile

Riot Games’ mobile app now features streamers who are selected from the League of Legends Partner Program, while the rest are  automatically selected from the directory. Today the capability supports Twitch streams and AfreecaTV is one of the other platforms that will be added soon.

Recently, the app also received numerous updates which include: 

  • Copy & Paste Gamename & Tagline from Profile to make it easier to share with friends

  • Updated message thread color scheme to improve accessibility 

  • Added a new section to make it easier to add/accept friends

  • Improved chat performance, such as reducing push notification delays and lagging messages

The app also has features for esports fans with its fully revamped Esports section where fans can watch tournaments within the app. There are match schedules and recaps of past matches, and players can also earn rewards by watching events on their phones.

Riot Games wants to continue adding new features and the news feed will be updated next. Gamers can expect more content around their favorite games directly on the app. The app also lets players curate the content presented to them and if you do not play certain Riot Games titles, content on those games will not be presented to you.

Riot Mobile is available on Android and iOS. Here are the official links that you can use to download the app:

Apple App Store (iOS):

Google Play Store (Android):

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