Here are the best team comp legends to play on different Apex Legends Maps in Season 13 ranked


Best Team Comp to Play On Different Apex Legends Maps in Season 13

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Apex Legends can be testing at times but players can find success by running the best team comp on different maps.
According to TSM ImperialHal, the following are the best team comps to run in ranked.

Apex Legends players continue to grind the ranked ladder as Season 13 Saviors continues. The meta is still quite large and diverse at the moment with players experimenting with different team compositions (comps) on different maps. However, some comps have proven to be better than others and the right squad with the right legends could secure that massive win and help you gain a ton of RP (Ranked Points). You could be Silver, Gold, Platinum, or a higher rank but here are a few team compositions that will make your climb easier and faster.

At the start of Season 13, Electronic Arts wrote, “The map rotation for the season for Saviors will be Storm Point, Olympus, and World’s Edge. We’re also removing the longer 2-hour rotation block. We felt that could be too long considering it could span the whole play session for some people.

This season’s pubs (unranked) map rotation has Storm Point, Olympus, and World’s Edge. In ranked, the first half of the season featured Storm Point as the map of choice, and after the rank split on 28th June, the second half of the season is now being played out on World’s Edge.

With the Apex Legends Global Series’ (ALGS) Championship currently happening in Raleigh, United States, Team SoloMid’s (TSM) Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen also shared his thoughts on the best team comp to run in Apex Legends.

World’s Edge: Valkyrie, Seer & Mad Maggie

World's Edge is a map that was introduced in Season 3 and is located on the planet Talos. According to ImperialHal, this is the best team comp to run on World’s Edge: Valkyrie, Seer, and Mad Maggie. This composition runs two Recon legends and one Offensive legend. Valkyrie can harass enemies who are behind cover with her Missile Swarm and her passive VTOL jets allow her to take advantage of angles that other legends cannot reach. Her ultimate Skyward Dive is priceless when caught in awkward fights as it can help the team relocate and also scout out other enemies on the ground while in flight.

Seer is also a Recon legend whose abilities are useful in a battle of hide-and-seek. His tactical ability: Focus of Attention reveals enemies and cancels various actions made by them, while his passive Heart Seeker can be used to determine the locations of nearby enemies. Lastly, his ultimate Exhibit reveals enemies using their weapons or running within its radius. Both Seer and Valkyrie can scan beacons and reveal the location of the next ring.

Mad Maggie will be the duelist or the Offensive fighter in this composition since she has powerful combat abilities. Her Riot Drill can force enemies out of cover by spitting fire through it and Warlord's Ire allows her to track enemies and move quickly while carrying shotguns. Lastly, her Ultimate Wrecking Ball lays a trail of speed-boosting pads that can aid the whole squad to launch into battle at a high speed.

World's Edge Apex Legends

Storm Point: Valkyrie, Seer & Horizon

Again for Storm Point’s best team comp, ImperialHal suggests Valkyrie and Seer. However, the third legend is the difference-maker, and the pro player sides with Horizon over Mad Maggie on this map. As the offensive legend in this scenario, Horizon provides different unique gameplay opportunities for her squad during a battle. Her tactical ability Gravity Lift lifts players into the air and her Ultimate Black Hole causes nearby enemies and grenades to be pulled towards its center, making it difficult for them to react.

Notably, Seer’s pick rate and popularity have absolutely skyrocketed in all Apex Legends ranks, according to data from Apex Legends Status. They are as follows:

  • Silver: 3.6% pick rate and an 18.56% increase in picks

  • Gold: 4.6% pick rate and a 36.59% increase in picks

  • Platinum: 6.1% pick rate and a 67.88% increase in picks

  • Diamond: 8.3% pick rate and a 100.07% increase in picks

  • Master/Apex Predator: A pick rate of 10.5% and 73.75% increase in picks

In the ongoing ALGS Championship, both Seer and Mad Maggie have made their marks in the meta and seem to be dominating.

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