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Best Landing Spots in Apex Legends Storm Point

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Apex Legends' Storm Point has the biggest selection of landing locations and it is well suited for every kind of player.
The new map will be available starting 2nd November 2021 as part of Season 11.
Respawn may add a 14v14 exploration mode at the start of the season to help players explore the new map without engaging in combat.

Apex Legends’ Storm Point map is set to drop tomorrow with the launch of Season 11. It is set to become the largest map yet and there are some very interesting gameplay mechanics that are being added as part of the new map. Respawn is adding more PVE elements to the game with spiders and alien reptiles coming in to attack players. Unlike Bloodhound’s Trials in World’s Edge, these enemies can spawn in more than one location and catch players by surprise.

There are plenty of landing spots to choose from and whether you want to fight off drop or want to find the best loot first, choosing your landing spot at the start of the game will dictate the flow of the game. Similar to Olympus’ launch, Respawn might add a 14v14 exploration mode to help players get accustomed to the new map. You should try landing in different areas just to get an understanding of the map layout and identify various flanks and vantage points. Here is a rundown of the best landing spots in Apex Legends’ Storm Point map.

Apex Legends Storm Point: Best Landing Spots

Command Center

Command Center - Apex Legends

When should you land here: When you want to take early game fights.

The Command Center point of interest (POI) is one of the potential high-tier loot zones that you can jump right into and hunt for good armor or weapon attachments. It is located in the Storm Point Mountain and it serves as an extensive underground complex full of supply bins.

It is a POI that will be hotly contested and if you want to take on early fights, it might be a great place to land. It is reminiscent of Olympus’ Carrier, with plenty of cover and entrance points.


Barometer - Apex Legends

When should you land here: When you want to be as cool as your favorite streamer. Prepare to fight half the lobby in this one POI.

Barometer is likely to be the equivalent of Fragment East and Skull Town. If you are looking to go all-in at the start of a game, Barometer is the place to land in. The POI has plenty of loot for multiple squads and there are Gravity Cannons on either side of the location to help you engage or disengage.

The spot is not for the faint of heart and you should head in only if you trust your team’s cohesion and combat skills. Half the lobby is likely to die here every game and you could head straight to the main menu within the first few minutes of a match or walk out with the spoils of war, the choice is yours.


Checkpoint - Apex Legends

When should you land here: When you want to play Apex Legends to kill Spiders, and you don't want to fight other players instead.

This POI is hard to spot as it is hidden between cliffs but it has plenty of loot for your team to pick up in the early game. While everything about the POI seems perfect, it is not. This is where a lot of PVE enemies will be located and if you do not mind fighting Spiders or Prowlers, you should be good to go.

Killing PVE enemies can give small amounts of loot but the biggest incentive is that they drop crafting materials, which allow you to get high-quality weapon attachments, health items and more.

The Mill

The Mill - Apex Legends

When should you land here: When that one friend goes AFK and you don't want to die in 10 seconds or if you are pacifist and somehow find yourself in this battle royale.

If you have a passive playstyle and prefer to loot up before jumping into battle, the Mill might be right up your alley. This POI is located in the westernmost part of the map and is isolated from the landing ship. It is unlikely that you will run into other teams here but you should go in prepared nonetheless.

It is also a great place to land in if you want to contest Cenote Cave or Checkpoint and catch stragglers off guard. The downside of landing in the Mill is that zones may end far away from you which can force you to spend a lot of time rotating into the playable area.

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