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Apex Legends Pros Are Unhappy With Season 11’s Ranked Changes

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends pros want the changes made to Season 11's ranked system to be reverted.
The new system rewards more kill points to lower ranked players while restricting the climb for players at the highest level of play.
The competitive community wants ranked to be a gateway to pro play and not a replica of its casual mode.

Apex Legends Season 11 is changing how Ranked Points work and not everyone is happy with it. The new change essentially rewards players for killing higher ranked players which can technically make climbing to the top ranks easier. With Apex Predator and Master players consistently getting Diamond players in their lobbies, it would make the climb from Diamond to Master much easier. Pro players are unhappy with the change and they want the ranked floors to be removed which would prevent players from hitting higher ranks and not be demoted regardless of the number of losses.

What are the ranked changes in Apex Legends Season 11

Prior to Season 11, kill points were offered in a linear fashion and the rank of the players you killed did not matter. Starting from the new season, the game will account for the tier differences between the player and the victim and if you get kills on players who are higher rank than you, you will receive bonus points. If you kill a player of a lower rank, you will get less points which is a strange decision by Respawn as is actively restricts players at the top end of the spectrum from climbing, given that most Predator and Master lobbies tend to be full of Diamond players.

If you are killed by a player of a lower rank, you will not lose any additional points. Placement points will remain unchanged across all ranks. NRG pro player Christopher "sweetdreams" Sexton said that the Apex Legends Season 11 changes are great except for the ranked changes.

Apex Legends Season 11 Ranked Points

Alliance’s John "Hakis" Hakansson said on Twitter “Pretty disappointed that the Ranked changes still promotes a completely different playstyle then what competitive apex does. Ranked is supposed to be a gateway into comp to test the waters of how the game is actually supposed to be played at a high level.”

Pro players want ranked demotion to be added to the game as well because in the game’s current state, there is no way for players to derank despite repeated losses. The ranked changes will make it easier for lower ranked players to climb up while making it increasingly harder for higher ranked players to reach for the top Predator ranks.

Season 11 is set to go live on 2nd November 2021 and it remains to be seen if Respawn addresses the concerns of the community.

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