SuperGaming wants to have a level and inclusive playing field for all players in Indus



Battle Royale Indus Incorporates Google’s Project Gameface, Reveals Accessibility Features

SuperGaming wants to have a level and inclusive playing field for all players!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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SuperGaming is keen on making Made-in-India battle royale Indus inclusive and accessible for all players.
As a result, it has incorporated Google’s Project Gameface technology to allow users to control the game using their facial expressions.

Pune-based studio, SuperGaming, has incorporated Google Gameface in its battle royale title Indus to make it accessible and inclusive. SuperGaming announced its partnership with Google Gameface as it aims to empower those with disabilities to actively be a part of the community. The publisher has added custom support to the Indus Engine for Project Gameface, an open-source hands-free mouse that enables people to control a computer's cursor using their head movement and facial gestures.

Making Battle Royale Indus accessible & inclusive

SuperGaming noted that this custom support for Project Gameface will have a wider set of accessibility options and that no player will be left behind. Notably, people can simply raise their eyebrows to click and drag in the game or open their mouths to move the cursor, making it possible for anyone to pursue gaming.

Gameface will allow players to hop onto Indus without the need of using controllers or equipment. “Accessibility is crucial because it allows for games to be enjoyed by a wider range of players — regardless of their cognitive, physical, or sensory abilities. We want to foster inclusivity and empower those with disabilities to actively be a part of the community,” said SuperGaming.

Interestingly, Google India's first I/O connect developers event was held in Bengaluru on 28th June, where several new AI-powered tools were showcased. SuperGaming was part of this event and its developers were able to configure Project Gameface for Indus. 

Here’s how Project Gameface works within Indus:

  • Raise eyebrows to move the character forward

  • Lower eyebrows to move the character backward

  • Open mouth and raise eyebrows for sprint

  • Left mouth movement to shoot

  • Right mouth to switch to scope view

Players’ head movements allow control of the camera, allowing the character to look up, down, left, and right, noted SuperGaming.

In Project Gameface, head movements and facial gestures captured from a webcam are recognized by machine learning models to move the cursor accordingly. While this tool is still in development by Google, the code is open source and available in preview currently. This has the potential to change the lives of people since it is inexpensive to build and maintain, believes Google.

Currently, Indus’ pre-registrations have crossed the three-million mark and SuperGaming has increased its pre-registration goal to ten million. But first, hitting five million will allow all those who registered to unlock an exclusive skin. Likewise, at ten million pre-registrations, SuperGaming will be giving players a legendary crate at launch.

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