Axie Infinity to Host Multiple Events To Celebrate Origin Launch Date

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Axie Infinity to Host Events To Celebrate Origin Launch Date</p></div>

Axie Infinity to Host Events To Celebrate Origin Launch Date

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Community events will be hosted to celebrate the release of the Axie Infinity Origin update.
The festivities will last from 31st March until 6th April.
There will be three contest that fans can participate in and a scheduled livestream to showcase the upcoming Origin update.

With the most-awaited Axie Infinity: Origin update scheduled to be released on 7th April, Sky Mavis has prepared a few community events. These community events challenge players to either build their own custom Origin card, in-game lore, or cosplay their favorite starter Axies. The competition will last until 6th April, a day before the official launch of the Axie Origin update. The developers also plan to host a livestream and show players a preview of the upcoming major update. When the update goes live, players can access the Axie Infinity: Origin update via Mavis Hub, the official download page for the NFT game.

Launch Week Schedule

Sky Mavis will be revealing new content regarding the upcoming Axie Origin Update until the official release date.

Program Schedule

Origin Launch Contests

There will be three categories that players can join;

Custom Origin Card

Sky Mavis will provide players with a template where they can design their own Axie Origin Cards. Players are free to make their own original card, revamp an existing card, create a card with overpowered effects, or simply make a meme card out of their favorite influencers.

Arco Beast Lore

This competition challenges players to write their own Arco Beast lore and post it via a Twitter thread.

Starter Axie Cosplay

Players can choose to cosplay one of the three starter Axies featured in the Origin update - Puffy, Buba, and Olek. Sky Mavis stated that everyone can join regardless of their cosplay experience.

The competitions will be judged by 50% originality and 50% quality. The contests will officially start on 31st March. Players will need to submit their entries on or before 5th April. The official announcement of the winners will be revealed on the official Twitter page of Axie Infinity on 6th April.

Origin Preview Stream

Players curious about the upcoming content for the new update can tune in to the preview stream on 2nd April at 10:00 AM (EST). The stream will be hosted on the official Twitch channel of Axie Infinity.

Origin Update gameplay preview.

The Axie Infinity: Origin update was originally planned to be released on 31st March. However, the release date had to be moved due to a recent hack on the blockchain network Ronin. The breach resulted in about $600 Million USD worth of cryptocurrency being stolen. Despite this predicament, Sky Mavis remains committed to pushing through with the upcoming update and delivering quality content for the fans.

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