Axie Infinity Convention Event Titled AxieCon Announced


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Axie Infinity Announces Its First Convention Event Titled AxieCon

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Axie Infinity announced its first convention event, titled AxieCon, which will be held in Barcelona, Spain.
The event is set to be held on 7th Sept and will feature a ton of exciting content relating to Axie Infinity.
Mystic Axie owners get special privileges if they purchase a ticket and attend the event.

Axie Infinity officially announced AxieCon, its first-ever convention event which is set to be held on 7th Sept in Barcelona, Spain. The upcoming event is a physical gathering which will feature content ranging from Esports, Parties, Merchandise Promotions, Game Design, Governance, Collecting, and more related to the popular NFT game. AxieCon will last for a total of three days with tickets now open for purchase. Interested participants can opt for the premium AxieCon Pass for $150 USD which will cover all event programs and evening parties or the Dusk Pass for $50 USD for fans who only want to join the evening events.

How to Purchase AxieCon tickets

The venue is open to all interested fans with tickets being sold through the official Axie Infinity website.

There are three types of tickets available;

AxieCon Pass ($150 USD)

This ticket allows participants access to all major events in the convention except the Mystic Holders Party.

  • General access to AxieCon

  • Exclusive swag bag

  • Unlimited snacks and beverages

  • Access to evening parties

Dusk Pass ($50 USD)

For participants who just want to party all night, the Dusk Pass will offer a cheaper alternative but you won’t be able to access the most major events at AxieCon.

  • Access to Evening Parties only

Mystic Axie Holder Pass (Exclusive)

Participants who own one of the most prestigious Mystic Axies in the game can upgrade their pass for free and gain access to exclusive privileges such as a premium swag bag and access to the Mystic Holders Party.

The upgrade is free as long as players can provide proof that they own a Mystic Axie.

AxieCon will be the perfect opportunity for fans and players to gather and freely discuss the game at a physical location. Fans also stand a chance to know more about the latest developments in the game through the Dev Panels that will be featured at the convention.

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