Axie Infinity Daily Active Users Continues to Show Signs of Decline


Axie Infinity Active User Count Drops to Below 1M For the First Time in 8 Months

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The daily active user count of Axie Infinity dropped from 2.7M peak users down to less than a million on 9th May 2022.
Fans speculate that this is due to the recent update where players can no longer earn SLP through Adventure Mode which may have reduced player interest.
Some players also stopped playing Axie Infinity Classic while waiting for the official release of the Axie Origin update.

One of the most popular Non-Fungible Token (NFT) games, Axie Infinity, is slowly losing its player base on a weekly basis. As the value of Smooth Love Potions (SLP) continues to dip, the daily active user (DAU) counts have also started dropping from its peak of 2.7M down to less than a Million. On May 9th, the game only had a DAU count of 926.8K. Fans speculate that this is due to the recent update where players can no longer earn SLP through Adventure Mode which has significantly reduced the daily earnings of people playing on a regular basis. It also did not help that some players stopped engaging in the Axie Infinity Classic (also known as V2) because they are waiting for the official release of the Axie Origin Update.

Axie Infinity player count drops to less than a million

Axie Infinity co-founder Jeffrey "Jihoz" Zirlin shared the weekly Growth Data report, according to which the DAU of Axie Infinity has gone down by 14.27% this week. However, Jihoz, reassured Axie players by stating that being afraid of the declining player base is normal, and “we've been here before and know what to do.”

Since last year, the NFT game has already seen a steady decline in active player count. Axie Infinity peaked at around 2.7M users in November 2021. However, after reaching its peak, the numbers started to drop rapidly and is now down to only 926,873 DAU on May 9th 2022.

One of the reasons for the dip in player count may be due to a market sell-off back in December 2021, according to Bloomberg. This caused the value of SLP to drop and some players may have lost interest in the game. It also did not help that an Economic Balancing update was implemented in February 2022 where it removed SLP rewards after clearing adventure mode and daily quests.

Following this, the Ronin Network was breached in March 2022 which may have seeded mistrust amongst its players. It did not help that a portion of the stolen funds are still being laundered despite the sanctions imposed by the US Treasury Department, making it harder to track down and recover.

At the time of writing, Axie Infinity’s DAU count is not showing any signs of recovery. Players are hoping that the upcoming Axie Origin Update shall revitalize the dwindling player base and bring back the healthy economy and community that it once had.

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