Apex Legends Update 1.99 Patch Notes: You Can Now Play Music in Lifeline’s Clinic

Abhimannu Das
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Apex Legends Update 1.99 has been released</p></div>
Apex Legends Update 1.99 has been released


Apex Legends Patch 1.99 patch notes have not been revealed officially but players have noticed multiple bug fixes in the new update.
Lifeline's Town Take Over building now has playable instruments that you can interact with.
There are bug fixes for Newcastle's tactical ability and replicators.

Apex Legends Update 1.99 is now live and there are no official patch notes by Respawn Entertainment on the official site. However, players have noticed some important changes and bug fixes being added to the game in the Apex Legends Update 1.99. Newcastle received some fixes as the legend had some buggy interactions with both his tactical and ultimate abilities. A replicator bug has also been fixed and players should not get locked into animations when crafting items.

Lifeline’s Town Takeover POI tweaks feature in Apex Legends Update 1.99

The Lifeline Town Takeover point of interest (POI) has been tweaked with players now being able to play the instruments in the band room. Lifeline is a musician and was a part of a former rock band according to her lore. In her clinic, we see a drum set, a guitar, and other musical instruments placed. These were meant to be interactable objects but they did not work. A bug fix has resolved the issue and you should be able to jam with your teammates inside the POI.

Replicator Changes

The game had a rare bug where using the replicators would lock you into an animation and you would not be able to get out of it. The only workaround was to use a replicator again and it would resolve the issue. In some cases, players would be unable to move and others would have to punch them out of the replicator.

Apex Legends Update 1.99: Newcastle Changes

There are changes to Newcastle that address bugs interactions with his tactical ability. It is unknown if issues with his ultimate have been addressed or not. In some scenarios, he is unable to land with his ultimate and gets stuck mid-air. It has been an issue since the launch of the Saviors update.

Loba’s bracelet is still bugged and it has not been addressed. Players are unable to use Loba’s tactical consistently as the ability just cancels without going on cooldown. It prevents the character from escaping or moving when using her ultimate which has made her unplayable unless you want to bear with potential issues that you will have to face when playing as her.

It is unknown when Respawn will address issues with hit registration on Xbox consoles and Loba’s tactical ability. Respawn has been investigating Wraith’s hit registration issues as well but players have been unable to identify if it has been fixed in the Apex Legends Update 1.99.

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