Here are the full Apex Legends Season 14 Hunted Patch Notes.


Apex Legends Season 14 Hunted Patch Notes

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Respawn just released the full Apex Legends Season 14 Hunted patch notes 
Valkyrie has been nerfed while Newcastle and Maggie received major buffs.
There are also a number of weapon changes detailed in the Season 14 patch notes.

Apex Legends Season 14 will go live later today at 10 AM PT / 10:30 AM IST or 10th August at 1:00 AM SGT. The new patch will add new recon legend Xiomara "Mara" Contreras also known as Vantage to the roster. Fans are excited to see what the sniper from Págos has to offer. Now that the official Hunted patch notes are out, we can look at all the major weapon changes to weapons and legends this season brings.

Apex Legends Season 14 Hunted Patch Notes: Vantage abilities

Will Apex Legends Season 14 Hunted be Vantage's season? 

Vantage is described as a Survivalist Sniper from the frigid planet of Págos. Raised by her mother in the wilderness, Xiomara "Mara" Contreras befriended a winged companion called Echo. The youngest in the roster, the 18-year old recon legend is headed to the Apex Games.

Passive: Spotter’s Lens

Aim down sights to scout with your eyepiece (unarmed or with mid- to long-range scopes) which also comes with a bullet drop indicator.

Tactical: Echo Location

Position your winged companion Echo and then launch towards him. Players must have a line of sight to Echo to launch themselves towards him.

Ultimate: Sniper’s Mark

Use your custom sniper rifle to mark enemy targets which applies a damage bonus for you and your team.

Kings Canyon and map rotation changes

Skull Town and Thunderdome have been rebuilt and a rebuilt skull now dominates the point of interest. The Cage has also been changed, with the height lowered and leaving it more exposed than before, removing some of the cover and high ground advantage it had.

The Cage provided an ideal vantage point for snipers. 

Olympus has been removed from the map rotation for public matches. Season 14 will see players battle it out on Storm Point, Kings Canyon and World’s Edge.

Replicators and Crafting Materials have been rebalanced across all maps.

Ring damage has also been adjusted:

  • Ring 1 Damage increase from 2 to 3 hp/tick (equivalent to Ring 2).

  • Ring 1 Preshrink Time decreased from 180s to 60s.

Ring 1 Closing Time has been changed,

  • Kings Canyon - 4:10 -> 4:32

  • World’s Edge - 3:42 -> 4:32

  • Storm Point - 4:15 -> 4:35

  • Olympus - 4:10 -> 4:32

Apex Legends Season 14 Hunted Patch Notes: All Weapon, Hop-up and Ordnance Changes

Weapons received several changes in Apex Legends Season 14.
  • The Longbow DMR, G7 Scout, Mozambique, R-99, Hemlok are now in the Gold Weapon Rotation.

  • SMGs and Assault Rifles have received a slight nerf with the Base hip fire spread increased for both.

  • The EVA-8 Shotgun has been buffed with reduced recoil, fire rate increase from 2.3 from 2.0, and rate of fire bonuses increased for Blue and Purple shotgun bolts. The pellet damage has been increased from 6 to 7 and one pellet has been removed from the blast pattern.

  • The Bocek Compound Bow has now been moved to the Care Package. The damage at full draw has gone up slightly (60 to 70). The corresponding hop-ups have also been buffed with the bow with a Shattercaps pellet damage increase and a Tempo draw speed increase. However, you can no longer collect fired arrows.

  • The Rampage LMG’s damage has been buffed and you now get a Thermite Grenade when you pick it up. It is now part of the Care Package.

  • The Volt SMG has been brought out of the Care Package and slightly nerfed with its damage going from 17 to 15. It is now available as part of ground loot.

  • The CAR SMG will no longer take barrel attachments and has been removed from the Replicator. It is now available as part of ground loot.

  • The G7 Scout has been nerfed with a damage (36 to 34) and headshot multiplier reduction (2.0 to 1.75) and Double Tap hop-up burst fire delay increase. It is now available as part of ground loot.

  • The LSTAR has been buffed with an increased projectile speed, and increased number of shots before it overheats (20 to 24).

  • The RE-45 pistol got a FOV and strafe speed fix to get it up to par with other pistols in the game. It has now been moved to the Replicator.

  • The Wingman now uses sniper ammo and magazines and has been removed from the Replicator. It is now available as part of ground loot.

  • The Spitfire’s recoil has been nerfed with an increased vertical barrel climb. It also now uses light ammo and magazines.

  • The 30-30 Repeater now takes Skullpiercer with the Dual Loader worked into the base gun.

  • The Mastiff has been nerfed with the projectile growth reduced and the base fire rate reduced (1.2 to 1.1).

  • Sentinel now has the Deadeye’s Tempo hop-up worked into the base gun.

  • The Devotion LMG is now moved to the Replicator.

  • Laser Sights have been added to the game and come with reduced hip fire spread. These can be used for SMGs and Pistols. They can also be found in Explosive holds.

  • The spawn rate for gold magazines has been reduced in Explosive holds.

  • Sniper Ammo inventory stacks have been increased from 24 to 28. Sniper ammo count per box has also now been increased from 12 to 14.

  • The Arc Star has been adjusted with the armor stick damage reduced from 40 to 10. The aim slow has also been reduced when it is stuck to a player and only goes into effect after detonation. The Detonation damage has been slightly increased from 70 to 75.

Hop-Up Changes

  • Double Tap now adds a burst fire mode to EVA-8 and G7 Scout.

  • Skullpiercer does 35% increased headshot damage on the Longbow, Wingman and 30-30 Repeater.

  • The Deadeye’s Tempo & Shatter Caps are no longer available as ground loot.

  • Boosted Loader has been reduced to Epic quality from Legendary.

Other Equipment Changes

The Gold Backpack now no longer has the Guardian Angel perk. It has been replaced with the Deep Pockets perk which lets you carry up to 3 Shield Batteries in an inventory space. This also applies to Medkits. You’ll also be able to carry 2 Phoenix Kits in one inventory slot.

The Gold Knockdown Shield no longer grants Self Revive. The Guardian Angel is now moved to the shield.

Apex Legends Season 14 Hunted Patch Notes: Legend Changes

Valkyrie was nerfed while Newcastle and Mad Maggie were buffed in Apex Legends Season 14. 


Valkyrie has been significantly nerfed with her passive VTOL Jets now having 8% reduced acceleration, and 33% increased fuel consumption. Her aerial boosting and strafe potential has also taken a hit with a 20% debuff when hit by slowing effects. The fuel meter UI now transitions from green (>60%) to orange to red (<30%).

Her Missile Swarm no longer slows enemy aim or turn when hit. The movement slow duration has also been decreased from 2.5s to 2.0s and the explosion radius has been reduced from 175 to 125.

Her ultimate Skyward Dive travel speed and height climbed has been reduced. The launch time was reduced from 5.5s to 5.0s.


Newcastle’s passive now has 25% increased move speed during the revival. The turn slow has also gone down by 50%. His Knockdown shield health has also been increased for White (150 to 200) and Blue (250 to 300) shields.

His tactical Mobile Shield now has increased health from 350 to 500. It also has double max movement speed. His ultimate Castle Wall now has added turn slow to electrical barrier effects and increased the severity of the slow effect to movement. The overall buff to him may improve his pick rate in public matches.

Mad Maggie

Maggie’s tactical and ultimate have been buffed. Riot Drill project launch speed is doubled. Her ultimate Wrecking Ball now travels twice as far with the magnets more spaced out, now dropping at a 0.8s delay. The duration has also been increased significantly from 5s to 10s.

Wrecking Ball will now also deal damage to enemy objects like Loba’s Black Market, Newcastle’s Castle Walls and Mobile Shield, Revenant's Death Totem, Horizon’s Black Hole, Rampart’s Amped Cover and Caustic’s Gas Barrels. It will also now destroy Gibraltar's Dome of Protection.

Other Legend changes

  • Horizon’s ultimate now takes 50% more damage from explosives. N.E.W.T’s hitbox can now be destroyed more reliably.

  • Wattson’s Perimeter Security placement has been improved.

  • Rampart’s Amped Cover now ignores teammate collision on placement.

  • Caustic’s gas ramping bug has been fixed.

  • Mirage’s decoys will now be scanned by Valkyrie when skydiving and picked up by Seer’s passive Heart Seeker.

  • Revenant’s Death Totem will now show a placement preview when activated before placing.

Level cap and other quality of life changes

Players can now level their accounts past 500 with three additional tiers of 500 levels bringing the effective level maximum to Level 500 Tier 3 or a total of 2000 levels. This change adds 345 additional Apex Packs bringing the total number of Apex Packs earnable via account leveling to 544. This ensures that players can unlock at least one heirloom if you max your account level since an heirloom is guaranteed upon opening 500 Apex packs.

Certain Battle Pass challenges can now be completed in either Battle Royale or non-Battle Royale modes, giving you the flexibility to complete the Battle Pass your way.

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