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Apex Legends S15 Eclipse Launches Smoothly Without Gamebreaking Issues

Abhimannu Das
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The new map in Apex Legends Eclipse has been well received by pro players and casuals alike.
Changes to legends with scan abilities are expected later this season.
One of the biggest demands players have at the moment is a solo-queue for ranked mode.

Many players were concerned about the release of Apex Legends Season 15 as historically, we have seen too many server issues, game balance issues, or bugs that take away from an otherwise exciting update. Almost every Apex Legends season was riddled with issues at the start of the season but Season 15 has been different with a lot of pro players and content creators being overwhelmingly positive about the game. The servers have been stable and with no legend balance changes being made to legends, the legend meta is in a decent spot right now.

Pro players and creators weigh in on Apex Legends Season 15 launch 

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Overwatch 2 releasing recently, players were concerned about Apex Legends’ playerbase. Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale has been breaking its own peak concurrent player count every single season since mid-2021 but that has changed finally. 

At launch, there were over 386,000 players hopping in to try the new season compared to over 500,000 players in August. But the game definitely can break that record later this season and even if it does not, Apex Legends is currently the third-most popular game on Steam and above titles like PUBG PC and Modern Warfare 2.

Pro players and content creators are also very happy with the new update. TSM’s Dalton “Daltoosh” Hester has been visibly bored of the game and has said many times that he continues to play the game because it’s his job. Despite there being no ranked changes or balance changes, he said that he’s having fun in Apex Legends.

The new season introduced the Broken Moon map which has been received with a lot of positivity. Storm Point in comparison had a lot of negative feedback as the map was too big according to a lot of players, but it was designed with competitive play in mind and it does not translate well for casual lobbies. 

The battle pass has also seen a lot of subjective improvements. The skins are a lot better according to players, something that cannot be said for most recent battle passes. Christian “Nokokopuffs” Feliciano said on Twitter, “This is the best Battle Pass ever released.” 

Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen and other pro players are also pleased with the new map design and think it’s a healthy addition to the game. The Zip Rail mechanic helps players move around quickly between Points of Interests (POIs) and makes traversal feel seamless.

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