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Apex Legends Pro Teams Accused of “Data Mining” Zone Information

Abhimannu Das
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Multiple teams have access to datamined zone closing information which can create an advantage in competitive Apex Legends.
Pro players have asked EA and Respawn Entertainment to step in and take action.
While such information can be easily obtained, it being accessible in the first place is what is bothering the community.

Mark "Dropped" Thees of SpaceStation Gaming made some alarming accusations about pro teams in the Apex Legends Global Series which has left the entire community shocked. He told NRG’s  Chris “sweetdreams” Sexton on stream that there are analysts and coaches in the competitive Apex scene who have access to “datamined information” that helps them identify invalid zones in matches, which can offer a massive competitive advantage. Considering how important rotations and positioning are in competitive Apex Legends, it can offer an unfair advantage and pro players want access to such information removed immediately.

The competitive Apex Legends community wants EA to step in

Dropped claimed, “Data mining for zones is supposedly a thing in apex and I think it should be talked about and more common knowledge for everyone. The way it was explained is, you can basically find through the code of the game in each update which certain zones can happen and which can’t.” He feels that this offers too big of an advantage for teams that have access to it without other teams even realizing this is a thing. 

While a lot of players feel that knowing all the final zones can offer an unfair advantage, others tried to play it down as publicly available information. There are noticeable trends that can allow players to accurately predict where zones will head towards during a game. After Jacob "HisWattson" McMillin of FURIA claimed that he could make a map in 10 minutes that shows 95% of zone endings in a map, it led to even more debates among competitive players.

A possible solution that Respawn Entertainment can implement is to change the “invalid” rings often instead of changing them every season. This would make zones far more unpredictable and having access to information would not be an advantage for pro teams who have somehow managed to get their hands on the datamined information.

But others have pointed out that teams should not have access to such information in the first place. But it  looks like the information is not that hard to find and content creator “SomeoneWhoLeaks” was able to find the algorithm of the endzone cord and shared it publicly. With competitive integrity possibly at stake, Respawn needs to crack down on the issue and even the playing field between teams that have access to the information and teams that don’t.

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