Apex devs responded to claims of taking away paid cosmetics and turning them into free Twitch drops.


Apex Legends Older Shop Cosmetics Bugged Due to Twitch Drops

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Apex Legends content creator KralRindo accused Respawn Entertainment of taking away paid cosmetics from players.
Some of these were reportedly being turned into Twitch drops as shared by data miner HYPERMYST.

Apex Legends releases new cosmetics every patch with the battle pass as well as the Collection events, etc. Players constantly look to earn cosmetics like skins, weapon charms, and gun skins through the loot boxes and the battle pass. Apex Legends content creator KralRindo shared a tweet by data miner HYPERMYST saying that the developer Respawn Entertainment has “turned paid cosmetics into free twitch drops.” KralRindo also said that “multiple people reported that these cosmetics are removed from their account,” and that they hoped it was “just a glitch/mistake.”

Respawn Developer responds to the tweet

HYPERMYST tweeted about cosmetics set to feature in Twitch drop rewards for this season, which included the ‘Iced Out’ charm, ‘Cult Classic’ Devotion weapon skin, ‘Tribal Glyph’ RE45 weapon skin, ‘Giggle Guard’ charm and ‘Packaged’ charm. However, some players realized that some of the cosmetics like the ‘Tribal Glyph’ RE45 and ‘Cult Classic’ Devotion skin were previously available in the store for 500 Apex Coins. Some also reported that these purchased skins had been removed from their accounts at the start of Season 15. One player responded to the tweet saying, “I never used that Devotion skin but I had it, I was curious and just checked to see if it was still there and it’s gone.” While another claimed, “I bought the whole collection event, the Fight Night collection event and one of the charms included was the Iced Out lifeline drone. I’m now looking in my account and it’s gone.” 

However, a Respawn developer said that this was a bug. Senior Producer at Respawn, Josh Medina said that this was a bug.

Now that Respawn is aware of the bug, players can expect the cosmetics to be reinstated to their accounts soon. However, some fans aren’t happy with the fact that Respawn is recycling older paid content to be released as Twitch drops. Season 15 has faced some criticism from players for being ‘boring’, with no new weapon or Legend changes leaving the meta pretty much undisturbed.

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