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Apex Legends Pro League Kicks off on 6th Nov With $500,000 Prize Pool

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2023's first Apex Legends Pro League will feature a prize pool of $500,000 USD.
30 teams will compete from each region to qualify for the Apex Legends Global Series.
The event will kick off on 6th November for all regions.

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Year 2 was the biggest year yet for the game and Electronic Arts (EA) will continue to grow the esports scene in 2023. This year’s event clocked over 11 million hours watched during the Year 2 Championship alone, according to an official blog post, and there will be even more live events and more support for the Pro League next year. Here is everything you need to know about competitive Apex Legends in 2023.

Apex Legends Pro League to kick off on 6th November

Here are the teams as per the regions:

North America

Group A: 

  • DarkZero

  • NRG

  • Team Liquid

  • CLG

  • G2

  • MPL

  • Complexity

  • Rakk Attack

  • Team Smiley

  • Bots

Group B


  • TSM

  • Cloud9

  • E8

  • Atlanta Premier

  • Sign Us Please

  • Tripods

  • Esports Arena

  • SZN

  • BR Demonz

Group C

  • 100 Thieves

  • Spacestation

  • OpTic

  • Luminosity

  • Sentinels

  • Oxygen

  • The Guard

  • FaZe Clan

  • Slept On

  • First Attempt

Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)

Group A

  • Pioneers

  • Acend

  • Gaimin Gladiators

  • Forge

  • Phoenix Legacy

  • Heroez

  • Turkish Stars

  • High Peak

  • Bitfix Gaming

  • Three Muppets

Group B

  • Alliance

  • iG International

  • Element 6

  • Horizon

  • EKO Esports

  • NAVI

  • Vexed Gaming

  • Corpa

  • Incentive Arise

  • Game of Drones

Group C


  • Fire Beavers

  • Aurora

  • Reply Totem

  • Start a Fight

  • FUT Esports

  • GameWard

  • VZD

  • High Society

  • V2

Asia Pacific  North

  • Group A


  • Crazy Raccoon

  • DetonatioN Gaming



  • Meteor


  • Grow Gaming

  • O2 Esports

  • MukawakiN

Group B




  • Donuts USG

  • GHS Professional

  • Reginite

  • Lag Gaming


  • EVA:e


Group C


  • Ganbare Otusan

  • FC Destroy

  • Flora


  • Riddle 456

  • Nebula e-Sports




Asia Pacific  South

Group A

  • EXO Clan

  • Free Agents

  • Chicken Sandwich

  • DuGuPlay

  • North side Esports

  • ADAL Wolves

  • MDY-White

  • GQ

  • Boogie Boarders

  • Golden Sage

Group B

  • Moist Esports



  • Sry

  • Truth Esports

  • 505

  • StinkyB

  • Emmanuel


  • MeiDuiYao

Group C

  • DreamFire

  • Buriram United

  • DNZ

  • ANT Esports Club

  • PK

  • 20th Guaranteed

  • RTL

  • T4

  • Dynasty Esports


South America

Group A


  • K1CK

  • Valhalla

  • Exotick

  • Horus

  • FusioN E-Sports

  • ELN

  • Fenix Team

  • Blood Show

  • Wkey

Group B

  • Team Singularity

  • 1iQ

  • BreakingRulleZ

  • LeaveNoWitness

  • Two Much Rush

  • Brotherhood

  • Fellas

  • SA Abusers

  • Blackhat Esports

  • Coritiba Esports

Group C

  • Los Cuys

  • NorCal Esports

  • Monterrey Esports

  • LFO Enygma


  • Insanity

  • Vermouth

  • no reply

  • KriticalRush

  • Tortugas Ninjas

Playoff qualification and a $500,000 USD prize pool are on the line for teams during each Split of the Regular Season. The 30 teams in each region will be seeded into three groups of 10 teams each, using performance across ALGS Year 2 and the Year 3 Preseason Qualifiers.

Each Split of the Pro League will consist of an online Regular Season in which teams will begin by competing in a triple round-robin format (each group plays each other group three times).

Across this triple round-robin, each team will play 36 matches in six series of six matches each. The top 20 teams by Regular Season Standings will then compete in an online Regional Finals utilizing the Match Point format.

In North America (NA), Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific (APAC) North ten teams will qualify for the Split 1 Playoffs, including the winner of the Regional Finals and the top nine teams ranked by Regular Season points. In South America and APAC South, five teams will qualify for the Split 1 Playoffs, including the winner of the Regional Finals and the top four teams ranked by Regular Season points.

For the Split 2 Playoffs, regional slot distribution will be determined by Split 1 Playoffs performance. The better a region’s teams perform in the Split 1 Playoffs, the more spots that region will gain for the Split 2 Playoffs.

At the end of the Split 1 Pro League Regular Season, the bottom eight teams in each region will be relegated to the Split 2 Pro League Qualifier, where they will battle against top-performing Challenger Circuit teams for a spot in the Split 2 Pro League.

Following the Split 2 Playoffs, any Pro League teams that have not qualified for the Championship will participate in the Last Chance Qualifier to qualify for the world championship.

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