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Apex Legends Broken Moon: Best Landing Spots

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These are the best landing spots in Broken moon for Apex Legends' casual and ranked modes.
There is only one Jump Tower in the map in Eternal gardens making it an important POI if you want to relocate without using Zip Rails.
Valkyrie and Ash have proven to be very powerful picks in the new map due to their ability to locate possible fights.

Apex Legends Season 15 introduced the new Broken Moon map and it is already available in ranked mode. The new Zip Rail mechanics is one of the most interesting additions to the game and if you can figure out which points of interests (POIs) to land on, and how to navigate around the map, you will be able to master the map. Here are the best landing spots in Apex Legends Broken Moon for casual and ranked play.

Best landing spots in Apex Legends Broken Moon

The most important thing you need to know about the map is Zip Rail usage. Zip Rails are a fast and predictable way to get from one location to another and effectively outrun the ring. These rails are set up along predetermined paths to quickly move from one POI to the next. Players can get through some particularly challenging rotations and even move within points of some of the larger landmarks. While riding the rails you have all the same functions available to you as a zip line but with increased speed and momentum.

Eternal Gardens 

Eternal Gardens has a central tower that contains the only Jump Tower on the moon. If you want to loot up and relocate to a faraway point of interest, Eternal Gardens allows you to do so without needing to rely on a Valkyrie.

Apex Legends Broken Moon


Terraformer is a massive symmetrical structure that resides off-center of the map. It is a large drop location with loot throughout, which supports up to four teams with comfortable landing spots. The central position of power can be used to effectively defend from within the walls, but there are ways to infiltrate and overthrow the team in power.


The Atmostation POI has research buildings to the left and right which offer landing spots for players to loot and assault the main tower structure. Pass through the narrow bridge or take the Zip Rails to the top or you can head to the nearby water silos which can be a safer option, in case you want to escape without being caught by multiple squads.

Apex Legends Broken Moon

Breaker Wharf

This POI is a symmetrical space built for mid-range combat and connected by a bridge and Zip Rail, the parallel structures at Breaker Wharf are packed with multiple layers of verticality and the means to reposition between them. Flanked by additional Zip Rails, it’s also an easy way to rotate to another POI.

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