Mentioning Andrew Tate in Apex Legends chat could get you banned for a week.


Apex Legends Player Says “Andrew Tate Cringe” in Chat, Gets Banned

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Mentioning Andrew Tate in Apex Legends chat could get you banned for a week.
Even if the context for you using “Andrew Tate” is logical and not malicious, you will get banned.
The name is deemed as hateful conduct by Electronic Arts.

In September, Apex Legends players took to social media to state that using “Andrew Tate” as their name could end up in bans. Multiple players had reported the issue and Youtuber Garret also shared that players were receiving bans for breaking the “Positive Play Charter” under Electronic Arts’ (EA) terms and conditions. Now, it looks like even mentioning the controversial personality’s name in chat could lead to a ban. One Redditor posted on the Apex Legends subreddit that they were banned for typing Andrew Tate in chat and noted that their message was rational and did not mean any harm.

Why did the player get banned for typing Andrew Tate?

User onyi_time asked on Reddit, “Do you think this ban is fair?” They noted that they blocked their teammates who were being misogynistic and only wrote “Andrew Tate cringe” in response to them. They added, “Teammates were discussing Andrew Tate, saying ‘women belong in the kitchen’, I respond with this in text chat before muting both of them. I got banned for a week. I can understand if I said something worse, but this? Tried disputing it & they said it was correct :\

While another user pointed out that using Andrew Tate in text chat is bannable, onyi replied, “That makes more sense, but like even disputed it and they just responded with, ‘After thoroughly investigating your account and concern, we found that your account was actioned correctly and will not remove this sanction from your account’

According to the distraught Apex Legends player, the reply from Electronic Arts stated that their EA account broke the rules of the Positive Play Charter and that upon reviewing the chat, it deemed the text message as “hateful conduct.

As a result, onyi’s Apex Legends account has been suspended for 168 hours, that is, one week. EA further stated, “You can play again when your suspension ends, but next time we might ban your EA account.

If you are wondering why players are getting banned for using “Andrew Tate” as their in-game name or in chat, it is because Andrew Tate is a controversial internet personality and a former professional kickboxer. He has made several sexist and misogynistic comments about women. Notably, he has also been investigated by the Romanian police for alleged human trafficking by the United Kingdom for abuse allegations against him. Notably, Tate is banned from multiple social media platforms. 

G2 Esports’ former CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez partied with Andrew Tate and doubled down on his action and paid the price for it. G2 officially announced the stepping down of ocelote as the CEO of the company on 24th September.

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