Apex Legends player count has reached a peak since the new season went live.


Apex Legends Player Count Highest Since Season 15 Debut

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Apex Legends player count has reached a peak since the new season went live.
Fans of the game are worried about the downward trend in player count for Apex.

The Apex Legends player count has reached the highest it has been since the start of Season 15. The game peaked at 412,121 concurrent players on Steam yesterday. The count surpassed that of the Season 15 launch day by approximately 9,000 players. Apex Legends’ latest update brought the Wintertide Collection event to the game. New seasons of Apex have historically drawn in a peak number of players since many log in to check out new content like legends, maps, and weapons. This time around, Season 15 launch day saw 403,157 players playing concurrently.

Apex Legends’ new season has received a lot of backlash for being ‘stale’

After hitting the highest-ever concurrent player peak on Steam in Season 14, Apex Legends' numbers had been on a downward trend. Fans of the game have been taking to social media to complain about the state of the game including the lack of major balance changes in Season 15, numerous bugs, and what many see as repetitive events. This criticism extends to the newest event which has featured the limited-time Winter Express mode for the third year in a row.

Fans are also disappointed with the new recolored skins in the event.

The new season’s patch notes had left fans wanting more, especially due to the lack of balance changes to Legends. Apex caster Raynday Gaming explained the developer’s decision saying that with the introduction of anti-scan legend Catalyst, the developers likely want to see how things settle in a meta where scan legends like Seer and Bloodhound are popular. While there have been a number of weapon changes during this season, many still feel Apex is becoming ‘stale’. While the peak in concurrent players is a good sign, the peak fell off within an hour of the new event’s debut. 

The Wintertide Collection event includes a new Prestige skin for Wraith called Apex Voidshifter. Like previous Prestige skins, Apex Voidshifter ‘evolves’ into three forms by dealing enough damage to enemy players.

Apex Voidshifter was a Prestige skin added during the  Wintertide Collection event for Apex Legends.

The Wintertide Collection event will last till 27th December.

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