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Apex Legends’ Pathfinder Players Discover Zipline to Heaven

Abhimannu Das
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A new bug has been discovered in Apex Legends' Gun Run mode that is making Pathfinder players zip away.
The new bug is present only in Gun Run and it can look quite hilarious if you use it to zip into the sky.
Players noted that the bug is possible as Respawn Entertainment has added invisible walls to contain the limited mode's arenas.

The past two seasons of Apex Legends have been full of bugs. While some of them were game-breaking, others were downright hilarious and players have found yet another bug that sends Pathfinder straight to heaven with his zipline. If you have played the goofy robot legend, you know how his zipline allows you to move to various parts of the map. But when you try to place down his ultimate, there is a limit to how far it can go. However, a new zipline spot on World’s Edge allows you to reach for the skies and say goodbye to your enemies on the way out.

The Apex Legends Pathfinder bug might not be fixed

The Pathfinder bug in question allows Apex Legends players to set up a zipline straight to the sky. Content creator ‘Mokeysniper’ posted a short clip showcasing the bug and it looks simple enough to execute. The new bug works only during the Gun Run game mode and only on the World’s Edge map. While similar zipline spots may exist in the game, they are either not popular or have not been discovered yet.

The zipline bug will allow you to go very far but you will eventually drop down as you get close to the skybox of the map. While it is not the most practical of bugs, you can use it to escape dangerous situations at times or just show it off to your friends for style points. Players are guessing that Respawn Entertainment added invisible walls for the Gun Run mode so players do not go out of the arena, and that is what Pathfinder’s grapple attaches to.

With the Gun Run mode being added to the game only for a limited time, it is likely to get patched out before the mode goes away. With this bug not being game-breaking in nature, players should not get into trouble for it. However, you should use it at your own risk.

Similar bugs have been found in the past and they allowed you to zipline or grapple across several kilometers in some cases. These movement bugs are fun to use and allow you to break the movement mechanics of the game. However, when they are abused for competitive advantage, they become unfair and should not be abused.

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