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Apex Legends Officially Reveals Seer and the Rampage LMG

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Apex Legends officially revealed Seer's abilities in its latest EA Play stream on 22nd July 2021.
In addition to Seer, the game is also getting the Rampage LMG with a "surprising source of firepower."
The new content will be available in-game starting 3rd Aug 2021 as part of Season 10: Emergence.

A new Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence trailer just dropped featuring the game’s newest legend, ‘Seer.’ The upcoming character will be the second tracker in the game after Bloodhound with his micro drones giving him the ability to hunt down enemies. In addition to the new legend, the game is also set to receive a brand-new weapon, the Rampage light machine gun (LMG). While there was no in-game footage shown, Respawn showcased both the new additions in an animated cinematic. A full Apex Legends Season 10 gameplay reveal will take place on 25th July 2021.

Seer is the second tracker in Apex Legends

The new legend ‘Seer’, is the third African legend to be added to the game after Lifeline and Bangalore. He has an afro-futuristic theme and makes use of high-tech drones to scout out enemies. During his gameplay reveal, Apex Legends Game Director, Chad Grenier explained the new legend’s kit. Here is a quick rundown of how Seer’s abilities work:

Passive: Seer is capable of sensing the heartbeats of enemies when he aims down sights with a weapon.

Tactical: When he senses a heartbeat, he can activate his Tactical ability to send drones to track down the location of an enemy.

Ultimate: His ultimate is a better version of his tactical as it allows him to create a dome using hundreds of drones and multiple enemies can be tracked inside it.

Technical details like ability cooldowns were not showcased in the trailer but there is an official Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence gameplay reveal happening on 25th July, which should offer more details to fans. Seer will be added to the game as part of Season 10 on 3rd Aug 2021.

The Rampage LMG will have a “surprising source of firepower”

During the EA Play livestream it was revealed that the new Rampage LMG will feature a “surprising source of firepower” which is interesting because it might deviate from how LMGs in the game work. The Devotion and L-STAR EMG make use of energy ammo while the Spitfire uses heavy ammo. It will be interesting to see if the Rampage LMG will feature a completely new ammo type or have an “amp” similar to how you can use shield cells to buff up the Sentinel sniper.

Rampage LMG Apex Legends

The weapon was created by Rampart according to description, and like other LMGs, it should offer Rampart significant buffs when wielded by the Indian legend. Rampart passively gains a 15% magazine size boost and a 25% faster reload speed for LMGs and the Rampage should be no different. The new weapon will be added to the game on 3rd Aug 2021 as part of the Season 10: Emergence update.

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