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Apex Legends’ Next Heirloom and Collection Event Leaked

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Rampart is set to receive the next Apex Legends heirloom according to leaks.
The Collection event this season is reportedly being called Rampart Town Takeover.
The event teasers will reportedly go live on 2 September and it should be available in-game at the end of the first ranked split.

Apex Legends’ next heirloom might be for Rampart according to the latest leaks in the community. The game’s new season is underway and players are excited for all the limited-time events that will be available in the coming months. Revenant was the previous legend to receive an heirloom and Rampart might be next in line according to datamined information, which hints at a Rampart Town Takeover event. Leaker Kralrindo revealed some character animations from the event which are very similar to Caustic’s Town Takeover animations.

What to expect from Apex Legends’ next heirloom

Rampart is set to receive her heirloom in Season 10 according to leaks and the first leaks about her melee skin surfaced around May 2021.

Respawn has added numerous teasers in the current Season 10 battle pass about Rampart, which lends credence to the leaks. There is no official confirmation from Respawn just yet, but Rampart reportedly receiving a wrench-like tool which would fit her character lore perfectly.

When is Apex Legends next heirloom launching

The Rampart Town Takeover event’s teasers are expected to drop starting 5 September according to leaker GarretLeaks and additional teasers will be available on 7 and 10 September. Since the Collection events usually drop around the ranked split dates, the Rampart Town Takeover event will potentially be available around 21 September.

How to get Apex Legends’ next heirloom

There will be two ways that you can get Rampart’s Apex Legends Heirloom which is the latest melee skin that might be releasing in Season 10. You can either purchase all the event cosmetics and get the melee skin for free. Or you may purchase normal Apex packs until you get lucky and obtain 150 heirloom shards. 150 heirloom shards are guaranteed per 500 Apes packs.

Rampart Town Takeover

Here are some numbers that will help you save money on your purchase if you decide to purchase the event skins:

  • Cost of 24 Apex Event Packs (guaranteed heirloom): 16800 Apex Coins

  • Cost of two special bundles: 7500 Apex Coins

  • Apex Coins + Price of 12 Bundles: 15900 Apex Coins

  • EA Play Subscription: 10% Discount on Apex Coins

For each Epic or Legendary you craft using crafting materials, you will have to purchase one less event pack. It is recommended to craft as many Epic items as possible to reduce the number of event packs you need to purchase. Purchasing the special bundles and getting an EA Play subscription for a month is the best way to get a discount if you do not have any crafting materials.

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