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Apex Legends' Most Controversial Item Might Return in Season 15

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends' controversial hop-up Disruptor Rounds might be making a comeback in Season 15.
Disruptor Rounds allow players to deal bonus damage to shielded enemies.
If the hop-up returns to the game, Respawn might nerf the attachment or take out Hammerpoint Rounds from the ground loot pool.

A new trailer for Apex Legends just dropped and a lot of veteran players saw something that can send shivers down any Apex player’s spine. The Disruptor Rounds’ return was teased in the trailer and anyone who has played the early seasons of Apex Legends will remember how broken the attachment was.

During the “Disruptor-Hammerpoint” meta, players used loadouts that could use the Hammerpoint Rounds as well as the Disruptor Rounds. The combo was so lethal that Disruptor Rounds was removed from the game, never to be seen again in the ground loot. 

Disruptor Rounds may be nerfed before returning to Apex Legends Season 15

For those who have not played during the early seasons of Apex Legends, the Disruptor Rounds boost damage to shielded enemies. It allows you to delete enemy shields using fewer bullets than you normally would and when paired with a Hammerpoint weapon like Mozambique, you can down someone much faster than the game currently allows you to. You essentially have two damage-boosted weapons which can be very difficult to counter.

The Alternator SMG was put into the care package a few seasons ago and Respawn experimented with the Disruptor Rounds. The Alternator went from being an underwhelming weapon to being arguably the best care package weapon at the time. If the Hop-Up does return to the game, it is likely to be nerfed, else the game’s TTK (time-to-kill) will be extremely low and players have never liked that in Apex Legends.

Both times Respawn experimented with fast TTKs via the Disruptor Rounds and the debut of 25 HP EVO shields, players did not like it and got them changed. During the new Apex Legends Season 15 gameplay trailer, the unforgettable sound of the Disruptor Rounds can be heard and it has left a lot of players concerned.

It is very likely that the Disruptor Rounds are returning to the game but Respawn is likely to tweak the hop-up or remove Hammerpoint Rounds from the ground loot. If changes are not made to the Disruptor Rounds, we could have the lowest time-to-kill in Apex Legends history as weapons like Mozambique have received significant buffs over the past few seasons making it the ideal Hammerpoint weapon to pair with a damage-boosted Alternator.

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