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Apex Legends Leaks Reveals Monster Skins for Bloodhound and Revenant

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Apex Legends leaker, GarretLeaks showcases upcoming skins and sprays that are reportedly coming to the game.
The skins will allegedly be added as part of a Monsters Collection Event sometime later this season.
It is currently unknown if the event will tie into the Monster Energy collaboration that is expected to happen in the near future.

Bloodhound has been at the forefront of the Apex Legends lore after he decided to take charge against Hammond Industries in the newest Season 10 cinematic. It looks like Respawn Entertainment is set to give one of the game’s most important characters new skins as part of a Monsters Collection event sometime in Season 10. Two skins were leaked recently which should be available soon for Bloodhound and Revenant if the leaks are accurate. There is currently no official word on when the Monsters event will take place but they should be available sometime during Season 10: Emergence.

Apex Legends Monsters Collection Event skins overview

Apex Legends’ leaker, GarretLeaks revealed a model of a Revenant skin as well as a Bloodhound spray which shows off a skin that is not currently available in the game yet. Respawn may host a Monsters event sometime in Season 10 or the skins might also be a part of the annual Halloween event in October. The Revenant skin shows off the legend with a wolf head while Bloodhound is reimagined as a simulacrum (machine form). With the playerbase never having seen Bloodhound’s face, it is still unknown if Bloodhound in the present age is human or not.

In addition to the Monsters event that is reportedly coming to Apex Legends, there is also a mini-event that will be held in collaboration with Monster Energy.

Here is a list of all the skins that are headed to the game as part of the Apex Legends and Monster Energy collaboration. Some of the skins that were leaked recently are as follows,

  • Octane skin: Abstract Splash

  • Wraith skin: Energy Transfer

  • Havoc skin: Electric Momentum

  • Volt skin: Vapour Trail

  • Fuse Banner Frame: Aces High

  • Wattson Banner Frame: High Voltage

  • Octane Banner Frame: The Formula

  • Universal Holo-spray: Charged Up

  • Universal Holo-spray: Energy

  • Universal Holo-spray: Free your speed

While the cosmetics are yet to be confirmed, there is indeed going to be a collaboration event between Apex Legends and Monster Energy as per Monster’s official website. It is currently unknown if the two leaked Monsters event skins will tie into the same collaboration.

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