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Apex Legends Hero Hunter and Hero Anime Events Leaked

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Apex Legends anime skins are finally coming as part of two upcoming events in Season 13.
The Hero Hunter event is arriving on 21st June while the Hero Anime event will kick off on 26th July.
Respawn Entertainment will also launch an ALGS Streetwear event to promote the Apex Legends Global Series in early July.

The string of Apex Legends leaks continue for Season 13 with three upcoming events being leaked. There are a ton of hero-themed cosmetics in the new Saviors update and it looks like Respawn Entertainment will also release multiple events in line with the seasonal theme. Anime-inspired skins are coming to Apex Legends with references to Neon Genesis Evangelion, My Hero Academia, Gundam, and more. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Apex Legends Season 13 anime and hero events.

Apex Legends Hero Hunter event will introduce the game’s next heirloom

Japanese legend Valkyrie is expected to get her heirloom along with the upcoming Hero Hunter collection event, with cosmetics themed around anime and TV shows from Japan. There are references to Ultraman, Digimon, and other kaiju-related franchises.
The event will allow players to unlock the new Valkyrie heirloom starting 21st June 2022. The skins in the event include:

  • "Supreme Lupine" Loba

  • "Non-State Actor" Mad Maggie

  • "Atom Heart Mother" Horizon

  • "Animal Instinct" Fuse

  • "Existential Threat" Ash

  • "Hard Ball" Peacekeeper

  • "Heaven Piercer" C.A.R. SMG

You can check out the skins in the above video. The skins are direct references to various Japanese TV shows and anime. The event will feature 24 cosmetics that you can collect to automatically unlock Valkyrie’s heirloom.

Apex Legends Hero Anime thematic event arrives in July

In addition to the Collection event there is also a Thematic event that is expected to arrive on 26th July which will also feature some special skins including:

  • "Strength and Power" Crypto

  • "Lightning Spirit" Wattson

  • "Sea Legs" Octane

  • "Revelations" Revenant

  • "Revelations" VK-47 Flatline

  • "Cardinal Force" Wingman

This event will be preceded by an ALGS Streetwear Event to help support teams competing in the Apex Legends Global Series. The streetwear event will coincide with the world championship which will take place from 5th to 19th July 2022.

Respawn Entertainment is yet to officially reveal any of these events. With the Collection event just a week away, players will soon find out if any of the leaked information is legitimate or not. Until then, you should take all unofficial information with a grain of salt.

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