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Apex Legends Global Series Year 2: Details and Where to Watch

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Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Year 2 pre-season qualifiers have come to a close and Split 1 is set to kick off on 16th Oct 2021.
20 teams from each region will be competing to become a part of the ALGS Pro League later this year.
The prize pool of the ALGS this year has been set at $5,000,000 USD with $2,000,000 USD being reserved for the world championships next year.

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Year 2 is set to kick off on 16th Oct 2021 with EA pledging a $5,000,000 USD prize pool into the championships this year. The cross-platform esports event will see 40 Apex Legends teams qualify via regional qualifiers to later on compete for the world championships. The regular season will feature teams compete in regional events leading up to the world championships as Year 2 comes to a close in 2022. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming event.

Apex Legends Global Series Format

The ALGS event will see hundreds of teams across the world compete in the Challenger Circuit. Teams that qualify via the regional Challenger Circuit events will compete in the Pro League Qualifiers in a bid to become a part of the top 40 Apex Legends teams for each region.

The top 40 regional teams in the Pro League will compete in a set of 12 matches in the North America, South America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), APAC (Asia Pacific) North, APAC South qualifier events. The top teams will advance to the world championships while other teams will get a second chance by competing in Split 2. After Split 2, the top 40 teams globally will be participating in the world championships next year.

Apex Legends Global Series Year 2

Apex Legends Global Series – Year 2 Schedule

Preseason Qualifiers: September - October 2021

Pro League Regular Season - Split 1: October - December 2021

Challenger Circuit - Split 1: October - December 2021

Split 2 Pro League Qualifiers: January 2022

Split 1 Playoffs: January 2022

Pro League Regular Season - Split 2: February - March 2022

Challenger Circuit - Split 2: February - March 2022

Split 2 Playoffs: May 2022

Championship Last Chance Qualifiers: May 2022

Year 2 - ALGS Championship: July 2022

Apex Legends Global Series Year 2: Teams

North America

  1. Team Kungarna

  2. Cloud9

  3. Team SoloMid

  4. Renegades

  5. Spacestation

  6. Sentinels

  7. Alpine Esports

  8. Ghost Gaming

  9. NRG

  10. G2

  11. Knights

  12. Team Liquid

  13. CLG

  14. Complexity

  15. XSET

  16. eRa Eternity

  17. CharlottePhoenix

  18. Elevate

  19. Dubblyew

  20. PremierGG

South America

  1. Team Singularity

  2. Horus


  4. FourAll e-Sports

  5. Dream Conspiracy

  6. Fake Love

  7. Team Cruelty

  8. WILD eSports

  9. Flow Nocturns

  10. FusioN E-Sports

  11. LUXE

  12. So kill Simples

  13. Dropa Shieldao

  14. Insomnia


  16. Plaq Tu Dum

  17. NII

  18. Fenix Team

  19. LeaveNoWitness

  20. FAR


  1. SCARZ Europe


  3. soloQgoats


  5. GnaskeOliDel

  6. Gambit Esports

  7. Alliance

  8. Natus Vincere

  9. FlavorOfTheMonth

  10. NEW

  11. LCDF

  12. Reply Totem

  13. Future Perfect

  14. Antares

  15. 789

  16. Fenerbahce Espor

  17. Myztro Gaming

  18. Forg Gang

  19. SMH

  20. Invictus Gaming

APAC North


  2. Crazy Raccoon

  3. LFTpko


  5. RIG

  6. Flora

  7. V3 VEGA


  9. Team UNITE

  10. Northeption


  12. Sengoku Gaming

  13. A2 eSports



  16. FA KOREA

  17. RxR Clover

  18. GTS

  19. Good 8 Squad

  20. FAV_gaming

APAC South

  1. Wolfpack Arctic

  2. Tom Yum Kung


  4. Inside The Ring

  5. Team Burger

  6. BRP

  7. Sutoraiku

  8. Reignite

  9. StinkyB

  10. NLN

  11. RET

  12. DreamFire

  13. Monkeyz

  14. Lightning Unicorn

  15. Dead Man’s Army

  16. Xenomorph

  17. 404 not found

  18. BYAK

  19. Magic Esport

  20. TBA

Apex Legends Global Series Year 2: Where to watch

The ALGS Pro League Split 1 commences on 16th October and ends on 5th December 2021 for all regions. The Challenger Circuit will kick off on 23rd October and end on 6th December 2021.

Fans can keep up with the official schedule here: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/apex-legends/compete/events

Matches will be streamed live at the following links:

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/playapex

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playapexesports

Content creators can also host their own watch parties. Fans should look to TSM FTX’s Daltoosh as he is one of the top content creators to watch for ALGS main events.

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