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Apex Legends Glitch Is Granting Players Free Heirlooms

Abhimannu Das
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The bug is likely to be patched by Apex Legends developers very soon.
Abusing the exploit can lead to the items getting revoked or even a permanent ban.
Players should remove the items from their inventory if they performed the glitch to avoid bans.

Apex Legends Season 15’s launch was comparatively smoother than most of its other seasons that were riddled with bugs, server issues, and more. But players have now discovered the first major bug of the season and it’s giving people free Heirlooms. Due to a connectivity bug, you can equip Heirlooms that you do not own on your account. The bug is still working at the time of writing, but it is likely to get patched out very soon. 

How the Apex Legends Free Heirloom glitch works 

Many players revealed that if you switch your server to one with high ping/latency, you will be able to equip Heirlooms that you do not have access too. The method is inconsistent and it involves equipping the Heirlooms before your currencies load in the top-right corner of the game’s user interface (UI). 

We strongly recommend not trying to replicate the glitch as it could lead to a ban if Respawn Entertainment decides to take action. Heirlooms typically set players back by around $160 USD during Collection events and it is unlikely that Respawn will allow players to unlock them for free.

Respawn has banned players for using glitches in the past and it is not worth losing access to your Apex Legends account by trying to get a free Heirloom. If you are someone who has performed the bug, there is a way to undo it as well.

To remove a glitched Heirloom from your inventory simply replicate the bug but instead of equipping a new Heirloom, you remove one that you received via the exploit or if you unlocked it accidentally.

Keep switching to servers that have high-latency and try unequipping the Heirloom from your inventory as soon as you load in. Do note that this glitch works while the currencies are loading. If you are unable to remove glitched Heirlooms you should reach out to Apex Legends’ support channels and get the Heirlooms removed from your account.

You can submit a ticket at the official EA Help website. If you have invested money into Apex Legends or have been playing for a while, the Heirloom glitch is not worth getting banned especially if you enjoy the game and care about your game's progress.

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