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Apex Legends Gifting Feature Might Be Coming in Season 15

Abhimannu Das
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Leaks suggest that players will be able to gift Apex Coins, Heirloom Shards, Battle Pass XP and more.
Apex Legends' gifting feature is likely to go live in Season 15 on 1st November.
The pricing information for the gifts is yet to be revealed officially and players should wait for an official confirmation.

Apex Legends has been out for over three years and it is still going strong. There are over 130 million players who have tried out the game and yet the number of ways you can interact with your friends is very limited. A gifting feature was reported to be in the works several months ago and Respawn Entertainment's Design Director Evan Nikolich himself confirmed that the feature would be coming to the game.

What can you gift your friends in Apex Legends?

Data miners have discovered that the gifting feature’s icons are already in the game in Apex Legends Season 14 and we might be getting access to the feature as early as Season 15. The final season of each year is always the biggest for Apex Legends as there are new maps that are released and 2022 will be no different. Along with a new map and new legend, we will also be able to send gifts to our friends according to the datamined information.

Some leakers suggested that players will be able to exchange items in addition to purchasing new gifts for them. An icon for heirloom shards was also discovered which is making fans go crazy. Heirloom shards are extremely rare and players need to open up to 500 Apex packs (over $300 USD depending on your region) to obtain them.

If Apex Legends allows players to purchase heirloom shards for their friends, it could make the process of obtaining heirlooms that have been released in the past a lot easier. But pricing information for the gifts is not yet available and players will have to wait for a few weeks before we know more details about the new feature. Also, heirloom shards drop in multiples of 150 and the new feature could allow players to purchase a smaller amount of shards.

The expected release date for Apex Legends Season 15 is 1st November, and we are just over a month away from brand-new content. If the feature is implemented at the start of the season, players will be able to gift each other items during the holiday season. In addition to heirloom shards, players also noticed Apex Coins, Apex Packs, and Battle Pass XP tokens.

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