The Loba Heirloom is expected to release during this season's collection event.


Apex Legends: Everything We Know About the Loba Heirloom

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The Loba Heirloom is expected to release during the Season 14 collection event.
Fans have been waiting eagerly for the translocating thief to get an heirloom.
A comic released by Respawn Entertainment, a few days ago, teases the heirloom.

Apex Legends Heirlooms are special melee cosmetics that reveal something interesting about a legend’s backstory, and also come with some cool animations and voice lines. Fans of Season 5 legend Loba have been waiting for her to get an Heirloom that is as stylish and deadly as her. Looks like Respawn Entertainment has obliged as the Loba Heirloom shall come to Apex Legends sometime during the collection event dropping this month. A number of teases including a comic released by Respawn and a tweet by Moy Parra, lead animator at Respawn Entertainment indicate that the next heirloom release will indeed be for Loba.

Loba Heirloom: Tessen for the translocating thief

A comic released by Respawn a few days ago titled ‘A girl's best friend’ set in Psamathe shows Loba carrying out a gem heist at the Chenosky Auction House. While looking for the gems she spots a white war fan with red and gold accents in a glass case, Loba’s base skin colors.

A comic released by Respawn teases the Loba Heirloom. 

The fan brings back a memory of watching her parents dance as a little girl. The comic ends with her walking away with both the fan and the gems. However, a "to be continued" appears on the bottom. Fans can expect the next part(s) of the comic in the run-up to the Loba Heirloom release.

According to YouTuber thethak, the Loba Heirloom being a war fan was teased back in September last year. The Evolution Collection event released a skydiving event for Revenant called Third Time’s A Charm which features him with two war fans. Revenant also has a legendary banner frame called Tessenjutsu which features a bloody white fan with gold accents. Tessenjustu is a form of Japanese martial arts where combatants use a solid or folding iron fan to fight.

Loba and Revenant have a bitter history together. Loba witnessed Revenant murdering her parents when she was just nine years old, as shown in the Apex Legends Season 4 Assimilation launch trailer.

As of now, 13 of the 22 legends currently have an heirloom, the latest one being Crypto. Given Loba’s flair for style, players can expect some really cool and special animations, and also perhaps some sentimental voice lines about her parents.

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