Apex Legends Escape 1.83 patch notes


Apex Legends Escape 1.83 Patch Notes: Storm Point Is Finally Here

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends Escape patch 1.83 finally brings the Wattson rework that was teased last season.
Wattson now has infinite duration on her ultimate ability and is able to put down her fences much faster.
Triple Take is back to the ground loot pool but it is now a Marksman weapon using Energy Ammo instead of Sniper Ammo.

Apex Legends Escape 1.83: Legend Changes


The French engineer had her kit completely overhauled with both her tactical and ultimate abilities receiving significant changes to how they function. Here is everything that was changed about the legend:

Wattson Apex Legends
  • Increased debuff duration on crossing a Fence by 100, General tweaks

  • Improved the reliability and responsiveness of placing Wattson's Tactical and Ultimate in world objects.

  • Wattson can also place her Tactical and Ultimate objects on valid surfaces above Wattson's eye level which was not possible earlier.

  • General hitbox size increase, to compensate for the removal of low profile in Season 9.

Tactical - Perimeter Defense

  • Increased damage on crossing a Fence by 33%. (15 to 20)

  • Increased the time allowance to be hit again by a subsequent Fence effect by 100%. (0.5 to 1 second).

  • Decreased recharge time by 50% (30 to 15 seconds).

  • Increased placement range by 50%.

  • Decreased the delay between Fences shutting off and reactivating after an ally passes through them by 60%. (1.0 -> 0.4 seconds)

  • Wattson now moves at Unarmed-speed while readying/placing Fence nodes.

  • Fence nodes can now be placed as soon as the weapon is readied, instead of waiting for the animation to finish.

Ultimate - Interception Pylon

  • The Pylon output has been significantly reworked.

  • Reduced the number of active Pylons Wattson can place from 3 to 1.

  • The Pylon now lasts forever (instead of timing out after 90 seconds).

  • The Pylon now has a pool of 250 Shields that can be distributed to nearby players, instead of effectively infinite Shields.

  • Increased the Pylon shield recharge rate by 150%, and smoothed regen rate. (2/second -> 5/second, or more accurately: 1/0.5 seconds -> 1/0.2 seconds)

  • When a Pylon is out of Shields, it no longer recharges players' Shields, but can still zap incoming ordnance.

  • Taking damage while regenerating Shields via the Pylon delays continued regeneration by 1 second.

  • The UI on the ground and HUD elements now displays the amount of Shields that remain in the Pylon.

  • Pinging a friendly Pylon will now display the percentage of Shields remaining in the Pylon.

Pylon ordnance-zapping has been moderately reworked. Ordnance is now zapped when the Pylon detects that it would hit any surface within range and line of sight of the Pylon, instead of being zapped as soon as it comes within range. As a part of the changes, current issues where the Pylon doesn't reliably zap ordnance should now be addressed.

Apex Legends Escape 1.83: Weapon Changes

Supply Drop Rotation

Triple Take Apex Legends

This season the Triple-Take returns to floor loot and the G7 scout shall be taking its place in the supply drop. The Scout enters the Supply Drop equipped with its old friend, the Double-Tap Trigger.

Triple Take

  • The weapon is now an energy-consuming marksman

  • Charge time from 0.8 -> 1.1

  • Mag increase at all tiers (Base: 18, White: 21, Blue: 24, Purple: 27)

  • Ammo consumed per shot increased to 3

  • Ammo required per shot increased to 3


  • Fire rate reduced from 2.1 to 2.0


  • Slightly increased pellet size

  • Choke up time reduced from 1.5s to 1.25s

  • Choked up shots remain tight for slightly longer when exiting ADS


  • Damage reduced from 60 to 55


  • Reduced barrel effectiveness at all rarity tiers

  • Significantly reduced projectile collision size

  • Damage reduced from 18 to 17

G7 Scout

  • Damage increased from 34 to 36

  • Double Tap added to Supply Drop G7 Scout

New Hop Up: Dual Shell

Each round loaded into the Mastiff or the 30-30 Repeater is doubled.

Fully Kitted Rotation

  • Added: Mastiff 30-30 Repeater, R-301, CAR, Longbow

  • Removed: Peacekeeper, Rampage, RE-45, Flatline, and Charge Rifle

Supply Drop Weapon Rates

  • Early game crate weapon rate increased from 25% to 50%

  • Mid game crate weapon rate increased from 50% to 75%

  • Late game crate weapon rate increased from 75% to 100%

Hot Zone Drop Rates

  • Increased amount of gold loot that spawns in hot zones

Apex Legends Escape 1.83: Crafting Changes

Increased ammo from crafting.

Light Ammo 20 → 60

Heavy Ammo 20 → 60

Energy Ammo 20 → 60

Shotgun Ammo 8 → 24

Arrows 16 → 48

Sniper 12 → 36

  • Crafting Ammo price increased from 5 to 10 per weapon

  • Evo Armor Points from crafting increased from 100 to 150

  • Evo Armor Points cost increased from 45 to 50

  • Replaced a sniper bundle with a shotgun bundle featuring the Dual Shell

Apex Legends Escape 1.83: Arenas Changes

Supply Drop

Supply drop will now land outside the first ring if possible, and land 10 seconds earlier.

Purple weapons now spawn more in earlier rounds

  • Round 1 - 3x blue -> 1x purple + 2x blue

  • Round 2 - 1x purple + 2x blue -> 2x purple 1x blue

  • Round 3 - 2x purple 1x blue -> 3x purple

Supply drop no longer spawns a blue Havoc, the Devotion or a gold RE-45

Weapon Price Updates


  • Blue 125 → 150

  • Purple 200 → 250


  • Blue 75 → 50

  • Purple 150 → 125


  • Base 200 → 150

  • White 150 → 100

  • Blue 250 → 200


  • Base 500 → 400

  • Blue 300 → 350

  • Purple 400 → 350


  • Base 500 → 450

  • Blue 250 → 300

  • Purple 300 → 350


  • Base 500 → 450

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